Sunday, April 20, 2008

On Hiatus

(no real point of this pseudo Emil Holub here - i just love art. You know. Posh art. Really valuable, original art.)

From tomorrow its exactly 1 month (4 weeks) to the maturitas (or banana, but that's an inside joke)

I have this chart where i make stars that symbolize the amount of stuff i know from each question and so far this chart looks like a total wasteland. But I am off to Podělusy once again and I hope it will be as productive as the last time - I just gotta get more coffee somewhere on my way there. Lot of coffee. Oh yeah.

Basically I wanted to say I don't have time and I don't want to see anyone since he's going to teach me the EU structure or modern philosophy or avantgarde poets. It's not that I would be doing some serious study instead of possible hangouts with anyone. Um. I know I know, other people manage to study AND hang out with sexy mods AND take pictures AND be loved by all. Not me. Not me.

I have lots of things I want to do after the banana, so I swear I won't be this boring then.


soulmate said...

It's wonderful how my feeling about this peice of shit called maturita has got into status "THE SAME AS YOURS". And I feel very, VERY empathic (I know that empathism between us has been always really strong, considering some aspects of our ICQ conversations :D). Now, I have 1 week more to my Day M than you, but I don't feel any better.

rusalka said...

Oh, really? Do you swear? Do you swear to make a bike trip, to drink wine in the orchard and so? You know I miss this.

Kaki said...

2soulmate -> more time to day M and more time with mr. P, you know you're so hateable .D

2rusalka -> of course. I swear i will be a different person then. At least just as irresponsible as i used to be .D

rusalka said...

Yep. This is the way I like you. I do :). Looking 4ward! Bye!