Thursday, May 29, 2008

Information Bulletin I

Oh, sweet reminiscence.

Random picture for a random post. At least it is my picture. I am saying a little quiet goodbye to my old picturetakingmachine, aka the old Kodak which lived with me for looong 5 years, taking mostly ego-wanker-ish pictures for eeeeevil community servers (let's not name exact ones) .
I am switching to Nikon D40, a low-end DSLR with lame 6mpx (I could give 4 000 more for the next model with 10, but WHY?) but lovely pics and great handling - Julie has this one and I just LOVE stealing it and filling her SD card with my crap. I dont think I will produce any artsy supercool stuff, but I will have a thing to cling to on boring social events. Go me.

Anyways. Right now, I am trying (obsessively) to get a job. I am also generating some (at this point unusable) designs for the Prostitutes, don't want to do it two days before the deadline (which I have not, but.. u know) - this is /like/ serious, duh. Getting a new tablet, hope it will improve my leet skills ten times - those Wacoms are so bloody expensive I hope you just grab the pen and it draws like Kája Saudek instantly.

I am looking forward to the next ep. of Grey's Anatomy. I was intentionally ignoring that show for so long that I am getting a little fanatic about it now (now when the season III House ended). That cutey O'Mully (or whatever the spelling is) dates this awesomely gorgeous plump doctor and it just..

I wonder, if I were on a doctor show, what character would I be? A neurosurgeon obsessed with sex? Sex with young medical students? Eeew, i guess everyone would be scaaaared of me.
OR , I could be that med student. Emotionally sticking to every hot (at least hotTER) patient going through my hands/stetoscope.
Julie would be a technically good, yet too non-emotive doctor.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Goodbye, sweetheart, it's time to go

I wanna do so many things right now. Create a theatre company aaaand open a design e-shop aaaand travel round the world aaaand record an album .D

By the way: 1,2,3,3 (I suck)

And the picture up there, that's Blahoťák' s pan of brownies. I thought it kinda mirrored my feelings .D

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Back to the basics

There's hardly anything better than 2-D japanese gay guys. Youka Nitta ("Haru wo Dateita") is a genius mangaka, although not that brilliant story writer. Sanami Matoh ("Fake") on the other hand is a great great writer and a pretty good graphic artist, too. I liked her when i was younger, probably cause its more fun than just sex and sex again, but now I just stick to Nitta's monothematic fluff man2man action.

This whole maturita thing may seem to drive me nuts, but believe me, I was into yaoi when I was 13 and I will always be. I have already written three complete concepts of my own 4 % comics, but I just dont have the nerves to draw it all. (Even though that Carl-Barat-y character doing it with the Ricky-Wilson-y character was more than a pleasant picture)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

...I'm so emo it makes me cry

Once again.

My existencialist burnout syndrome brought by postmodern society!

Who cares.

I feel little, lost, false and attentionless.

Something tells me I shouldn't post my emotional diaorrheas here, but where else?
Ad universities, I have picked wrong wrong wrong ones. Faculties full of carreer craving intellectual transformers. But yes, it is also cause they kicked me out from those who were not.
Ad friends... well... what kind of person am i when i am just constantly jealous of them.
Ad me... I wanna get out.. somewhere far. Not like Ulanbatar-far, but at least England-far. You kno. Work in a hostel. Not bothering anyone. Would be coolness.