Saturday, May 3, 2008

Back to the basics

There's hardly anything better than 2-D japanese gay guys. Youka Nitta ("Haru wo Dateita") is a genius mangaka, although not that brilliant story writer. Sanami Matoh ("Fake") on the other hand is a great great writer and a pretty good graphic artist, too. I liked her when i was younger, probably cause its more fun than just sex and sex again, but now I just stick to Nitta's monothematic fluff man2man action.

This whole maturita thing may seem to drive me nuts, but believe me, I was into yaoi when I was 13 and I will always be. I have already written three complete concepts of my own 4 % comics, but I just dont have the nerves to draw it all. (Even though that Carl-Barat-y character doing it with the Ricky-Wilson-y character was more than a pleasant picture)

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