Monday, August 27, 2007

Watch the news.

Especially BBC will be informative when I'm getting busted for... any of the illegal things I tend to do.

I am almost done packing, my mp3 loaded with I AM X (Very Prostitutes-esque... After Every Party I Die has this bass line which is just like... damn.. help me.) (Corner has more gay voice than Bell though), Kaiser Chiefs (I am going with my fellow chiefettes after all), Muse (The best shag-song-writers, if I am getting tired by the estrogene company), Arcade Fire (want to turn them all to my faith), The Libertines (that's more of a nostalgy than anything else, cause I've been listening to them all the last trip to London) and The Prostitutes (for I'd love to bring girls to next gig of theirs and they seem to be unhappy about their lack of musical knowledge).

I am so gonna forget something ultra-galactically important at home.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

*insert wedding march*

Spent some time at a REAL musician wedding. Or, more like a wedding afterparty, actually.

This guy, Canny of Obří Broskev, married the keyboardist, Olga. Canny is Czech RICKY WILSON, but more BRITISH .D despite the fact he sings czech.

And Vondráček w/ Erik, a perspective gay couple. No, no, Erik belongs to Adam V., right?

And to wank my ego (which is probably a disgusting czechism unnaturally brought to english) , here's the U2 tee I've made.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Sometimes we remember bedrooms of our friends

Anyways. Yesterday was pretty social.

First, I've spent the afternoon w/ guys from Road Side Mary and Csabba in Popocafépetl, it was meant to be a professional session, but later it evolved into something much more interesting. The fact Adam V. was absent made it survivable, cause TWO people who speak as much as Jiří, the bassist, simply wouldn't be. By the way, RSM have awesome promo pics at their bandzone profile.
I am probably gonna visit RSM + Sunflower Caravan gig today (for free, ha!). You should consider that evening programme, too.

Then I travelled to Nové Butovice to my english student's place. My student is mr.Veselý (former ETC.., now Dobrohošť, Irish Dew) - wow, he's like a hairless BRIAN MAY! I guess these lessons are gonna be pretty fun. I will let you know!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Alive (driving me craaazy)

I am listening to BRITNEY SPEARS and mr. Insane is all right.
which of these is the good and which is the bad news, that's for you to decide.

Oh I wonder if we'll ever meet again - I would vote for the least expectable meeting, when we would both be hella different and married, the Fake Tapes famous and he, he would probably be a nationwide known musical critic.


I had the weirdest dreams bout Mr.Insane (the Chris Corner's double, the pioneer of indie).
I've actually experienced that people I've had such disturbing dreams about had an accident or something like that about the time I dreamt of it. Many times.
He haven't replied to my message yet and he's not even scrobbling on Which is UNUSUAL.

Oh god oh god.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

And I wonder.

Where are all the celeb drummers to help me when shopping?

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Let's get hetero again

Slash is fine, but still...

you know, I've been browsing through my mates' blogs and found this short, but really emotionally-informative post on PrAndy's blog.

I've been thinking about it a few seconds and realized that I should probably tell you guys that even though it doesn't look like that and I pretty much understand it, cause I am such a filthy whory rock star who does not know when to end, I am IN LOVE.

Suck on that!
I'm the best and he is... the second best, naturally.


Cannot blame this on the Scissor Sisters though. (but they are queeeeeeeer)

So, going through a horrible *thebandI'drathernotmentionbyitsnamecuzI'mafraidtheywillcomeandgetmeaaaargh* slash spree lately, and I shall be disrespected for it, but cannot resist uploading the artwork.

What the hell, I don't care about anyone anyways, so I can post ANYTHING my majesty fancies

Aaaaah, it's the most drawable bassist along with the most popular singer! I admit I was pretty jealous of Adam's divine skills being adored by.. this... gentleman by the time I was thinking this up, but the way it was turning me on while I was actually making it, that defeated all the negative feeling pretty well.
Yeah and the title of this one i "Venus in Furs", by the way.

Aaaargh, this was even a better turn-on! Jesus, never thought this pairing might work, but it does, as long as we don't see *the left guy*'s "oh what the fu****g hell is goin on" expression and we see only *the right guy* (calling someone the right guy sounds pretty serious though .D ) 's totally *aaaaaaaaaw* look.

You won't appreciate this anyway.

I've just realized that since there's the band's name on the second one I did not have to put such effort into camouflaging their identity.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Yay or nay?

Double-braided! That'z da rockstar hairstyle, losers!

Yup, had wine session w/ Karin once again. This time we even opened the bottle by getting the cork OUT! Not usual.

Didn't know there's a water pool around the air tower, so -of course- we had to try what's the water like.

And, the least important news , I've made a cheesecake and it tastes too good to be called "a parody on cheesecake". The poisoned people are yet to come! Stay tuned!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Teenage Wasteland

Oh I feel like shit.

I shouldn't have watched "Pride and Prejudice" and "The Holiday" in the first place. Of course - everything sucks compared to these.

My trip to London has already killed three FANTASTIC gig opportunities. I am a total loser and noone pays even the smallest attention to me, but I DO deserve that. I know a lot of things, but none of them appears to attract any interest of people I admire.
emo emo emo.

This age sucks, one cannot even feel down without being called EMO. Stick that up your a*se, thank you very much.
I don't like you!


You've put me together
I can see now
the sun shines
through the trees
shines down
through the ice
it's ll your work
it's all your fault
these are my thanks
to you

My hands are warm
in your coat
they rest on your heart
-fragments of the "Brightside" lyrics sketch

Unfinished. Awful (cause romantic = awful). No need to make it complicated. 1)nobody listens to the lyrics anyway 2)this is what I want to say.
The rehearsal was cool.

Monday, August 13, 2007

I like this phenomenon.

One thing I always lacked on most of the slash that can be read round here is that it does not have any visual company. I am a visual type of person and why the hell can't they stick up some quick photoshop cheap-fluff picture or at least hire an illustrator .D ?!

BUT... when it comes to slash on LiveJournal, I am pretty satisfied with the avatars people come up with - some of them are slashy, some of them only heterosexually sexy enough to make me forget they're not slashy. But most of them = goodness. Lemme show.

Me loves them. The pics. AND Libertines. OF COURSE.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Gone shoppin'

Some of you already know that I was kinda technically disabled yesterday because the day before I've spilt some water into my keyboard while chatting with Sali from Evelynne /must have been really exciting/. First, my N and B, space and ALT stopped working, then I was trying to mend it and then it stopped working COMPLETELY (I know what you think. And it is true)

While buying me a new one - TESCO VALUE keyboard - I found this ABSOLUTELY disgusting notebook which I eventually had to buy!

The biblical cover design was not the worst thing about it.
It has got JESUS INSIDE! I'm gonna use that freakin thing for my math lessons lol

Thursday, August 9, 2007

The show must go on. I guess.

So. The Last BC gig yesterday. I am dead. And, what is worse, I was half dead on the stage already. I think I played well, like not so many technical mistakes, I even did not destroy the pedal (thank you, drummer of Evelynne - you've been especially lucky lad yesterday), but honestly, I just DID NOT ENJOY. Well, happens. But it's good to know it was just my physical state which screwd it up for me.

I am growing a custom on Evelynne, kind of, which scares me. But I have to admit I really like their bass player. Cuz he's one of the musicians who even TALK to me. Amazes me. Whoa.

So, let's end this Big Cheese agony and let the era of THE FAKE TAPES begin!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Tonight I had the sweetest dream about being in an army division that had Carl Barat and Pete Doherty as commanders.
Carl was particularly cute and so very not like him in real at all I guess. Probably some young, idealistic Carl.
I feel like whoring around "Carl Barat's toffees" on youtube once again.

Anyways, today is Big Cheese's last gig, so show up, especially if you hate the whole idea of a bandname change. Starts at 20:00 at Bluesrock club.

I am starting to get overexcited by the London trip.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Under the Blood-Red Sky

Heeey (hey-r-hey)

Happiness is not a warm gun, it's having someone to listen to Led Zeppelin with. Someone to listen to Kaiser Chiefs with. And of course someone to play music with!
So thanks you all who are talked of as the someones.
U2 make me feel SENTIMENTAL!

Now for the documentary part.

It was my first time at a music festival, so... whoa, it's like the Woodstock, only more commercial XD

The Slots acoustic - well... more like Vondráček acoustic on this pic. I like it. A lot.

heeey, Vondráček is the second best, right after me!

Destroyer's getting tattooed by Adam. Ahem .D Water replaced by beer - "I feel like puked up with beer" he said.

All behold! This august's indie tattoo hit style!

"to se zas něco dočteme na blogu!"

A nedočtete!

The Prostitutes gave me a lift home from SázavaFest, which was nice, but I would much rather stay there for the whole time, which is five days, than getting there at 3:20 pm to RUN to see them play /their stage was OF COURSE the one on the very end of the festival zone - I was like 300 metres away when I've heard this "ladies and gentlemen - the Prostitutes!" - I would never guess how quick I can be with such motivation/ and leaving at 11 at night.

Adrian expressed his opinion on our band in these words: "Big Cheese! That's such a shite name!" Hope that will make Adam see that it is. Really.

The title of this post was how Destroyer reacted on "Adrian's asleep. With the girl asleep on him."


Friday, August 3, 2007

Da phone is home oh yeeah

What a sophisticated and unbelievably intellectual-sounding header.

But tells the important, I guess. That they gave me a new S-E k750i, a black one now! I surprised myself that the memory wasn't full of pictures of things I don't remember from the last night this morning, but what the hell.
I've just downloaded these pics:

yeah, I particularly love this picture of semi-naked Adam K..
Not so clearly visible on this one, but Šmity and Adam ARE doubles. And, what I never realized before, Adam is pretty much like a younger and dumber Destroyer! (Do I look like like young Adrian? Or Luke? )
Great - Vondráček and the whole male part of BC, looking like total idiots, but it is kinda sweet. Kinda.

She's DEAD

Yup. I feel pretty much dead - but happy as hell! Who cares for *sleeping* when I could spend all the evening with... many.. interesting.. people! Like Karin .D and Lůca! Heh.

Although these weren't the ones who offered us playing with the Prostitutes and Roe-Deer.

We're some lucky bastards!


I wonder what has lead certain people to create a link between THIS BLOG and an image that BIG CHEESE SUCKS. I hope you're gonna apologize to my DIVINE blogging skills, DESTROYER!