Thursday, August 9, 2007

The show must go on. I guess.

So. The Last BC gig yesterday. I am dead. And, what is worse, I was half dead on the stage already. I think I played well, like not so many technical mistakes, I even did not destroy the pedal (thank you, drummer of Evelynne - you've been especially lucky lad yesterday), but honestly, I just DID NOT ENJOY. Well, happens. But it's good to know it was just my physical state which screwd it up for me.

I am growing a custom on Evelynne, kind of, which scares me. But I have to admit I really like their bass player. Cuz he's one of the musicians who even TALK to me. Amazes me. Whoa.

So, let's end this Big Cheese agony and let the era of THE FAKE TAPES begin!!!

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