Sunday, August 26, 2007

*insert wedding march*

Spent some time at a REAL musician wedding. Or, more like a wedding afterparty, actually.

This guy, Canny of Obří Broskev, married the keyboardist, Olga. Canny is Czech RICKY WILSON, but more BRITISH .D despite the fact he sings czech.

And Vondráček w/ Erik, a perspective gay couple. No, no, Erik belongs to Adam V., right?

And to wank my ego (which is probably a disgusting czechism unnaturally brought to english) , here's the U2 tee I've made.

1 comment:

vont said...

it was great afternoon for me, and i am very thankfull for that. thank you
for nice pictures and amazing t-shirt, i am going to enojy this in roxy gig.