Friday, August 3, 2007

Da phone is home oh yeeah

What a sophisticated and unbelievably intellectual-sounding header.

But tells the important, I guess. That they gave me a new S-E k750i, a black one now! I surprised myself that the memory wasn't full of pictures of things I don't remember from the last night this morning, but what the hell.
I've just downloaded these pics:

yeah, I particularly love this picture of semi-naked Adam K..
Not so clearly visible on this one, but Šmity and Adam ARE doubles. And, what I never realized before, Adam is pretty much like a younger and dumber Destroyer! (Do I look like like young Adrian? Or Luke? )
Great - Vondráček and the whole male part of BC, looking like total idiots, but it is kinda sweet. Kinda.

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