Thursday, January 31, 2008


As far as art is concerned, I am not really enthusiastic right now, having to make it "only one of my hobbies" again.

Yet still I am not completely creatively dead.

This was a school assignment for the graphics seminar. The prof didn't get it anyway.

Me having a romantic mood. And a silly-LOTR-obsessed mood, obviously, too.

This was an assignment to Zlin for a change .D They probably thought it sucked, but I love it .D And I've learnt so much about the environment .P

Sunday, January 27, 2008


1) Compared to the UNIVERSE (gorgeous), does anything except having a family make any greater sense?

2) I have my own little Craig Parker renaissance. From the very moment the mug with his photo I've got for my 14th B-day accompanied me to mock maturita and comissionals from math I felt like I've got someone to stick to without making an asshole out of myself. Alright, he's 37 and he lives on the other side of Earth, but compared to the UNIVERSE, it's just a step.
For you unfamiliar with mr. Parker, he's a soap opera kiwi actor who's become popular via his 1 minute role in first two LOTR flicks, which proves his killer charm.
He was my imaginary boyfriend all through 8th nd 9th grade (Julie dated Karl Urban and Soc had Viggo Mortensen, who I still tend to see as "my old friend"). Retrospectively it was one of the happy moments in my lovelife. Craig, I want you back! .D

As soon as he plays in any theatre play again, I am SO off to NZ. To pick kiwi fruit or wash dishes. I will do anything.

3) Julie's started blogging again. Not sure if her only blog tags "study" "poetry" and "thoughts" sound any appealing to ya, but just.. check it out.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Too down for a header

Where the hell are all the things that used to make me happy?

OK, I still have the BBC's Space series with Sam Neill - everyone who's seen the Event Horizon knows that SAM NEILL IS EEEEVIL .D On the other hand, for some reason men talking about the space and astrophysics turn me on big time!

Duh, Sam Neill doesn't know a shit bout what's going on in supermassive black holes!
Everything is so fake!

Friday, January 18, 2008


I did not make it to the second round.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bipolar Disorder

I assume lot of people can go from "I wanna hurt myself" to "life is great" in one night, right?

Anyways, I haven't written anything serious and worthwile in an eon. It's not that I would be leading a dull life, on the contrary, just to point out the best moments, I have been to Zlin few days ago and I have tried to get Adam Benda once again (oh, was it the 3rd time? or 4th already?).

For the pleasure of your eye, take a look on the charming city I would love to live in XD

All right. Now seriously. This school would make me wanna live in Cernobyl.

And if the economical college in Prague had the Space Invaders printed on the windows, I would wanna gain a degree there. Unfortunately, it has not.

I wanna feel you from the inside

Something in my head has an urge to sing NIN's Closer all the time. Yet starting with "I wanna fuck you like an animal, I wanna feel you from the inside" is surprisingly socially.. improper.

Trent is such a glorious reminiscence of my almost forgotten 7th grader taste in men. I can't remember when I really fancied someone like him for the last time, which is weird, for I used to be MAD for these skinny (why the hell?!?) , dark, long-haired bad guys.

But now.. NOW I've got to post this lil shrine to mr. Reznor, who surely wants to fuck me like an animal (I know, feels kinda rude when written, but when Reznor sings it, it feels R I G H T) (and almost trustworthy)

Thursday, January 3, 2008


No resolutions this year.

I have so much to achieve that it's basically pretty much unreal to want me to just run through the whole january-june period and collect all the trophys.
First, UTB and VSUP exams (half january, 4th of february), probably our first gig with the nameless (not my fault that Karin still bitches about the V.Pitchka name, it wasn't meant as an insult, it just popped up in a random conversation.), maturitas and then very likely other batch of exams for FSV and FHS and probably UTB again.


Well, if it won't work out, I'll probably just take some savings and travel and work a lil bit. I was just thinking about New York. Although I was always somewhat into the northern cities, Chicago, or mayybe Austin, TX.

God. Gotta relax a bit with the pics of seminaked kvinta A. Got these from Bara. She's electric.

Pretty sad that this is like the only fun i get, generally.