Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bipolar Disorder

I assume lot of people can go from "I wanna hurt myself" to "life is great" in one night, right?

Anyways, I haven't written anything serious and worthwile in an eon. It's not that I would be leading a dull life, on the contrary, just to point out the best moments, I have been to Zlin few days ago and I have tried to get Adam Benda once again (oh, was it the 3rd time? or 4th already?).

For the pleasure of your eye, take a look on the charming city I would love to live in XD

All right. Now seriously. This school would make me wanna live in Cernobyl.

And if the economical college in Prague had the Space Invaders printed on the windows, I would wanna gain a degree there. Unfortunately, it has not.

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Lukáš 'Spike' Polívka said...

Space Invaders… Reminds me of a recent “article” I came across…