Saturday, January 19, 2008

Too down for a header

Where the hell are all the things that used to make me happy?

OK, I still have the BBC's Space series with Sam Neill - everyone who's seen the Event Horizon knows that SAM NEILL IS EEEEVIL .D On the other hand, for some reason men talking about the space and astrophysics turn me on big time!

Duh, Sam Neill doesn't know a shit bout what's going on in supermassive black holes!
Everything is so fake!


Fifth said...

Come on, put your head up!
'Am gonna fail on my exams too, so we might better go "celebrate" afterwards..

and to Event Horizon - beautiful film.. Do you have it?

Kaki said...

eh, most people think of it rather as of "stupid" than "beautiful" .D I used to have it during my Jason Isaacs era, but not anymore. (Shoudn't be a problem to get it though)

Fifth said...

got it at last.. (torrents ftw)..
Wathed again .. and it is pretty nasty.. xD
btw - we can be down together now..