Sunday, January 27, 2008


1) Compared to the UNIVERSE (gorgeous), does anything except having a family make any greater sense?

2) I have my own little Craig Parker renaissance. From the very moment the mug with his photo I've got for my 14th B-day accompanied me to mock maturita and comissionals from math I felt like I've got someone to stick to without making an asshole out of myself. Alright, he's 37 and he lives on the other side of Earth, but compared to the UNIVERSE, it's just a step.
For you unfamiliar with mr. Parker, he's a soap opera kiwi actor who's become popular via his 1 minute role in first two LOTR flicks, which proves his killer charm.
He was my imaginary boyfriend all through 8th nd 9th grade (Julie dated Karl Urban and Soc had Viggo Mortensen, who I still tend to see as "my old friend"). Retrospectively it was one of the happy moments in my lovelife. Craig, I want you back! .D

As soon as he plays in any theatre play again, I am SO off to NZ. To pick kiwi fruit or wash dishes. I will do anything.

3) Julie's started blogging again. Not sure if her only blog tags "study" "poetry" and "thoughts" sound any appealing to ya, but just.. check it out.

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