Thursday, January 3, 2008


No resolutions this year.

I have so much to achieve that it's basically pretty much unreal to want me to just run through the whole january-june period and collect all the trophys.
First, UTB and VSUP exams (half january, 4th of february), probably our first gig with the nameless (not my fault that Karin still bitches about the V.Pitchka name, it wasn't meant as an insult, it just popped up in a random conversation.), maturitas and then very likely other batch of exams for FSV and FHS and probably UTB again.


Well, if it won't work out, I'll probably just take some savings and travel and work a lil bit. I was just thinking about New York. Although I was always somewhat into the northern cities, Chicago, or mayybe Austin, TX.

God. Gotta relax a bit with the pics of seminaked kvinta A. Got these from Bara. She's electric.

Pretty sad that this is like the only fun i get, generally.


Fifth said...

Heh.. We all have a lot to do. CVUT-FA, CAE + maturita.. fantastic.
About resolutions - I've made just 3 for myself ->
1) Don't panic
2) Do not take school THAT seriously
3) Act like a Leo even a little.. (as it's my zodiac sign).

And that is. Not a big deal, but can help through this year.

And last, but definitelly not least -> I am pretty interested in some semi-naked pics of QA too .. rather girl then boys ofc xD And I don't think, that since Bara (she is definitely electric) doesn't know me so well, she would give the photos.. I appeal on you in this .. since you can have fun with those too xD

Kaki said...

Leo DiCaprio?

I don't have that much fun w/ gals, really. Though I had yesterday, when i painted a very Filip-like hair line on Karin's belly. That was strangely arousing.

Shippy said...

I knew why I hadn't permitted them to take a photo of my seminakedness .D

Unfortunately, not even I can assure you that you'll get your photos of seminaked QA girls. I'll try to make thm drunk in the middle of this February, though.

Fifth said...

Shippy: I will be waiting ..

Kaki: and .. no, not Leo DiCaprio..

Piaf said...

V.Pitchka is the best name for a band i ever seen!

Fifth said...

piaf: .. that's overrated

Kaki said...

Trust me, he knows his stuff.

And by stuff i don't mean his reproductive organs.

Piaf said...


Fifth said...

Kaki: olol..