Monday, February 25, 2008

I <3 those two day stubbles

I am afraid I've grown this scary little obsession with dr. House.

On the other hand, I love obsessions! Obsessions make my life all exciting and fun and foremost happy! Let's all be obsessed! Let's go and do a House roleplay! Ooooh... lemme be Cuddy, lemme be Cuddyyyyyyy pleeeeease! Or Wilson or Wilson! (Or basically anyone except Cameron. She sucks. And I am pretty jealous of her .D She kissed both House and Chase! That immunologist bitch.)

Behold! My House scrapbook sheet:

And duh, of course he's wearing nothing but the stethoscope.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I hate the showbiz

..but I miss it.

Played with the Fake Tapes again today - it surely is not what it used to be, but I love the freedom I have playing synth and not drums or, basically, anything else. I have enough time to just dance around and write down everything that comes to my mind. Adam seems pretty enthusiastic about me guesting, while I don't remember when i've got to play on stage for the last time, so I am kinda ... happy... about all this, too.

Um.. nothing else to say. I'll back off to my dark chambers and study. Or I will act I am doing so.

Andrzej pissed me off, but I guess it is partly my fault. Which makes it less sad, at least .P

He sounds like Chris Corner on the Splinter album.

Friday, February 15, 2008


Muchos saludos compaňeros! Todo esto inglés parece un poco aburrido y ordinario - por eso decidia a usar espaňol en cambio. No soy muy brillante, verdaderamente. Pero pensaba que un post en mi blog en espaňol es no una idea mal.
Realmente, no tengo aun una idea más pequeňa de gramática correcta, así tengo que disculparse.
Y tú, alguien?

No siento como haciendo cualqier cosa. Estoy sentando y mirando Los Informaticos. Roy no es tan vistoso en espaňol como él es en inglés. Y soy dibujando. He dibujado una ilustración de un cuento de E. A. Poe - "Eleonora". Pienso que había tenido a estar fascinado con el título. Y, por supuesto, la Eleonora en mi dibujo ha sido inspirado de la sola persona de este nombre yo conozco. Lo considero como muy bueno. Soy ingenio. A veces.

Una cosa triste sobre escribiendo en espaňol es que lo roba muuuuchoooo tiempo. Pues, estimo que soy simplemente RETARDADO con cualquier idioma excepto inglés.

Espero el ensayo con Los Fakes Tapes! Chico tiene mi (es CASI mío) Yamaha en su sitio - lo quieroooo (la Yamaha, no Chico).

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Heart of Glass

so, basically, st. Valentine's day sucks and hating it sucks maybe even more, thus leaving me no proper opinion I could stuck to without sucking too.

I feel rather relaxed though. I guess I am getting more immune to all the last-year-of-highschool chaos. I am getting used to being single and I also can't really complain when it comes to people around me, cause the lack of any ambitions right now gets me rid of all the hate and envy and bursts of unhealthy competitiveness. My only little ambition revolves around art, so I tend to be a little hateful towards that guy who made it to graphic design in Plzen, but as soon as he's gone and far away I doubt this will bother me anymore.
I am such a loooovelyyyy person. I start to question if this is really me.

But this is me. I've got the heart thingie from Karin and I just totally love her for the way she gave it to me - just slipped it into my coat pocket, so I discovered it when I was leaving school - I was like "what the h... oh wow".

Monday, February 4, 2008

Do the Hustle!

My fave step is the "chicken".