Saturday, April 28, 2007

Some old lady is watching me

From the opposite house. It scares me.

Anyways, Nick Hodgson /of the Kaiser Chiefs/ drives me nuts. He looks almost like Richard, one friend of mine, exactly the same hair, looking kinda fragile and.... oh noes. By the way Richard told me that I'm the best. And in this world there are only two people from whose mouths do these things sound so enormously flattering - him and Cathack /funny thing that both of them are pianists. Um../

But.. with no further ado, here comes the holy photo of drummer Nick: /ta-dah!/

How lame is that?

I hate writing my own poetry. On the other hand yesterday the words kept falling from me for so long that eventually ended up with several pages of dumb czech stuff which I am gonna post.

Analyticko geometrická prohra

Chtěli, abych našel souřadnice bodu v prostoru
a já na to jen:
A nechcete raději, abych nakreslil pejska, jak loví hraboše?
Želbohu nevyšel jsem jako vítěz z toho hovoru.

Začalo být nějak teplo

Dnes půjdu a koupím si zmrzlinu v kornoutu,
ohlodám z ní čokoládu a rozkoušu oříšky,
nechám krém vsáknout do oplatky
a pak barevný celofán v pěsti zmačkám
a hodím do koutu.

Co s takovým

Myslíš, slibuješ mi, že až to bude za námi roky,
že sama sobě řekneš - a také tomu uvěříš,
že byl jsem vlastně silný, čestný, prostě dokonalý muž
ač jsem jenom lhal a plakal a pomlouval své soky?

V zajetí vkusu

Vím, žes nechala moje boty ve své předsíni,
doufáš snad, že je zase nazuji?
Ne, ty jen chceš, aby měl ten další moje nohy,
ale ne mé chyby, nejspíš bude mít obojí.

Práší se mu na lopatky

V rohu stál kostlivec a chyběla mu lebka
plastik trčel do prostoru a chytal prach
i já někdy postrádam hlavu, ba i páteř,
ale radši poběžím, než bych v koutě pách.

Family Business

Hey, just wanted to post a sentimentally extreme pic of my cousin's son, Jachym. He was born only 100 grams lighter than me, so DAMN, I am still heaviest baby in the whole family.

Here comes the Sun, na-na-na-na...

Yesterday was one of those weirdly blessed ones. My cousin's given birth to her little son just when we were playing one of our best gigs ever, we've even received something that could be possibly called a little respect from Cathack and also one of my oooooold friends, Spike, came to see me. I was leaving feeling a bit tipsy, but what the hell, can't remember when I was drunk for the last time. I gotta think up some GIRLS' BC TEES, for I am pretty pissed that all these... rowr.. gorgeous young ladies have to wear stuff that looks like part of pyjamas.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Cyanide and Happiness

Fullview these pleeeeze. They rock. Cyanide and Happiness - the best online comic around.

How random is that....

The Dawn

Oh god bless Sri Chinmoy's motivational cards and alt-country. And Music when the lights go out by The Libertines, of course.

I feel rather nice. I originally intended to skip school today, but what the hell, I need some people around me. Finally I can stare at guys once again. And now I have "the license" /vip pals will know/ , it's all kinda easier. I may need some "tuning" though, but at least I have the "highway pass" (now deal with this, post-Dan Brown decoders)

Everything in its Right Place

Why is everyone so nice to me? I mean... one crews up and finds all people being so into helping him and.. you know... it kinda moves me, to be honest.
So, well, I'd love to thank everyone who is so great holding people in their worse times and not only enjoying them when they are going through the better ones. Not like me, I am an arsehole who would never help anyone until he feels like having some profit from it. I suck and I suck AND I suck.

By the way, ultimately dumped. Welcome to Dumpsville, population: ME. I am actually kinda advanced in getting over these things, although this case was really bad. I won't lie, I lived with faith for our future, and, what the hell, what I felt for him was in certain moments more than I felt towards anyone else. Well, the fact that he's a hypocritical idiot who dates anyone just to get laid is making him a bit less respectable in my eyes though. Just to secure my own selfrespect I am afraid I'll have to make the villain of this story out of HIM, after all he is - more then me, unlike most of my past affairs. Which takes me to thoughts about how must have e.g. Al felt, and I can see why he doesn't talk to me anymore, I just wish Adam would be as sorry for this as I am .D nope.. I am not planning to stop contact with him. If he doesn't care, I would love to. Although the things I missed are probably essential for a friendship as well as for a serious partnership. We'll see.

I'm such a crappy girlfriend

And yes, lot of you guys know it already. Which is another scary fact about my lovelife. Or social life in general, which sucks a bit less though.

I wish I would have fuck up the exam today and had better mood instead. In reality it seems to be the very opposite of this "dreamy" situation. I am feeling rather crappy. Or maybe DAMN crappy. If I were Adam, I would kick me off of my life sooner than would I make some actual damage.

Yep, one of those days I felt like walking emotional semtex, just attach me to someone and wait what'll happen. I've beaten up my classmate for criticizing my divine self during the softball match, for example. And sure, it all ended with telling Adam he's fuckin up my life /which is the last thing he is doing, in fact/ /ok, so he told me he doesn't love me and he never will - or SOMETHING bearing the meaning, well/ and now he does not answer my calls. I would really love to apologize and maybe finally tell him.. stuff.

Teenage emotional diarrhoea affecting major number of posts is bad.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I just had a feeling I could write a post.

Well, got dumped last night and reunited five minutes later, although it's probably just because -unlike me- he's not one of the people who crave for changes, even the drastic ones. Despite all this I have sunny happy nicey mood, even though I fucked up math test and I am writing second one tomorrow, with no better prognosis'.

We are playing at Vagon this friday, probably best of all venues we've ever played or planned to play at, I would not mind a gig at Rock Café, but Vagon is pretty good as well. We are all quite excited, so all of you who can, please come, or if you can not, save it for May 8th /I think/, we're attending a band contest at XT3, so your vote could help us out. /out of this bloody city!/ /just joking, Prague may be no London, but I still love it more than anywhere else/
I am getting used to 2nd Adam presence at the rehearsals, the last one was fun.

I would appreciate some ladies' society. If you know what I mean. All these guys are killing me.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


listen to the Arcade Fire or Explosions in the Sky while being blue. Changing it for Sigur Rós doesn't sound like a brilliant idea either.

But you can visit Cyanide and Happines comic at ... that helps. Kinda.

Let the Sunshine in!

Bloody impressive.

This Sunshine flick is probably best contemporary sci-fi for me. Reminded me of the Event Horizon and maybe even Solaris, but it's just.. well... there are no other words - better. No cliché heroes, no president calls, no great returns, just a story which changes description "interesting-scary-breathtaking" throughout the movie. Plus Cillian Murphy's eyes. Btw. I realized he ALSO does have that.... "short" kind of nose, although not as short as Noel and Adam .D

A Neon Prayer

The Arcade Fire's Neon Bible all weekend long. It was no love at first listening, though. Or, maybe... I just don't like the first tracks, so when I played it for the first time, I stopped it after track 3 and went for Art Brut again - but now... yeeessss... I dunno if I would personally give it 5 stars as the Q mag did, but 4 would be a sure thing.

  • Black Waves/Bad Vibrations - kind of a "double song" - it changes pretty radically somewhere near the middle, when it jumps from the girl vocals to male. I like the second part more, because of the backround choir-y thing, pretty much like in Neighborhood no.1 on Funeral. But the atmosphere of the song is powerful, pretty disturbing though /again, kinda like Neighborhood no.1/, and I can listen to it repeatedly all day.
  • No Cars Go - From the very start it's that sound that creates a flying feeling inside you - u know what I mean? You just want to close your eyes and both warmth and freeze are dancing on your spine. And I like songs that include some spaceships.
  • My Body Is a Cage - Very weird in the beginning, but it slowly evolves into a song not different from a movie score piece, with the right ghastly feeling and positively pathetical taste. Good finale indeed.
...go get it.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

One would think I've had enough

But no! Pity, I know, but it looks like drawing horses is the only drawing that actually looks like having some future for me now. And YES, it's most probably going to be issued with July's articles in a OFFICIAL magazine.

And sure. In this case I am afraid you will just HAVE to fullview, suckers.

Napoleon and other gorgeous lads


  1. Noel Fielding - He's just my numero uno. He's got the looks, the brains, the hair, the nose, the girlfriend /that sucks, but I do believe she's great, why would he live with someone who is not totally cool?/. I remember when I've seen him for the first time - we were looking through some band badges with Al and the site had also some contest involving Boosh running, and I know his looks interested me, kind of, but not enough back then /I was into Carl Barart anyways, or generally rough guitarist types, not queery extrovert comedians/. Yep, I needed IT crowd for that. It always works with me - most of men leave me cold until I see them in motion and talking.
  2. Cillian Murphy - Just three words: Breakfast on Pluto. I am off to see Sunshine tomorrow, I love catastrophic sci-fis with british actors, yay. Cillian is kinda weird, and we all know it, don't we? He's not a classical example of modern beauty, more likely the Victorian elegance, you know, that "Oscar Wilde's boyfriend" charming innocence.
  3. Jon Heder - Well, yes. He's actually too gorgeous for me and my weird taste in men, so if I knew him just as he looks on the left side of the pic, he would probably left me cold. Of course, Napoleon Dynamite himself is not gorgeous enough, on the other hand, so if think of someone in between, he's perfect. And sure, Jon's acting rocks.
  4. That guy who looks like little Al - Yup, the one in the back of the photo /sorry, don't have any better. But I guess it's good, I don't wanna end up staring at his pictures all day/. PrAndy's sis said he's not a very bright one, but Karin says he's fine. Just one year younger than me, electric. But I am too shy and anyways, we obviously don't have much stuff in common. I'll think about it next year.
  5. Chris O'Dowd - Maybe I am watching the IT crowd way too much, but I can't help myself. Everytime I come to the idea of being the head of IT team myself, I am automatically sure I would try to get Roy. Eeew. But honestly, Moss? No way. And Richmond? He's drop-dead gorgeous, but I could not date a goth. Goths are only one place above the metalists and you know metalists are listed really loooooooow on my "peaceful coexistence list".

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Rusted Guns of Milan

Art Brut are SO MUCH FUN. Nothing revolutionary bout the music, but the lyrics rock. I love Emily Kane...

Yes. well. Big Cheese is a two guitar band again. I guess. It scares me.
Maybe I am just kinda tense /yep, like a brandy snap/ or more likely Adam /the second guitarist, who've left our band some time ago and came again, only one word for that - whore/ is just making me freak out during the rehearsals, or the most likely my weird psychical state has roots somewhere else. I am actually feeling fine, I just have moments when I break down like Windows and spoil everything. Like yesterday, I hate myself for that, we could play some more songs, maybe that way we would make at least one new for the next gig, but nooo, I was sooo down. I suck. I took a tram to Adam /now I mean -how Fifth remaked today- "that Adam who is mine more than anyone else's" - well, I wish/ to talk to him bout that and it helped a little, at least for the moment. We've seen a hedgehog! And a cat! Weeee...........

Sunday, April 15, 2007

This is sick(ness)

Lot of things are sick recently.

My discman got sick and DIED.

I got sick and my chances to see Roger Waters DIED.

I've seen some pics of Adam kissing Kolombo and it made me sick and I want to DIE
/I am a slash person, but this is no slash, all right? This is jealousy-worth/

I've watched Saw III and it was pretty sick, but I've let it be followed by Lolita, and that was worth DYING.


I popped up to one my web-acquaintance's blog, she actually has the same bog skin as I do, just with less red and more greenish blue. I think. I don't remember now. Duh. She writes great poetry in czech, at least the kind of poetry people like ME appreciate. Check it out.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Oriental prince in the land of soup!

Yep. I freak out every time I am writing a new post and use some quote from the Mighty Boosh as the title. Randomness.

Well, I've just come home from the riverside. It's beautiful there, little cold, but the air smells of calm water and fish and there's noone around most of the time.
I've got a flower! Put it into old syrup bottle. Looks electric.

I am just a bit cross because:
1) how comes Adam doesn't understand my crush for London? And how comes I am not good enough /should have been attending the debate lessons longer/ to turn him to the dark /London adoring/ side?
2) if I had the chance, I would SO not be able to go swimming naked. That is such a pity! Well, I would be, if there was noone around, but generally I am angry /towards myself/ that I can get so stressed and blocked by some ridiculous complexes of mine.

So I am going to sleep, or pretend to sleep and actually struggle psychically with my weird self.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

For the Moss fans

I can't imagine any Moss /from the IT Crowd/ fanatic, really, but just in case there is any - I found out that in episode 203 of the Mighty Boosh /Nanageddon/, that cute guy who plays Moss has a role! And it's not THAT little, well I think it's comparable to Noel's role in the IT crowd, I wonder if that was some kind of friendly trade.

Nanageddon's heeere.

Friday, April 6, 2007

...and you call this ART?

Ah, yeah, haven't been doing this for a looong time. I mean all-pc graphic, just me and tablet and illegal software. It was pretty quick, but I am not sure if it is gonna be usable for the article July will be writing about virtual stables /little kids' stuff, probably to make them suffer less from the fact they are never going to have a real horse/.
Well, I am satisfied. Actually, I like it a lot. But I guess it's not exactly what she wants, so I will probably do another one - no prob, horses are fun to draw. Nostrils the most.

See?? I haven't been just watching the Mighty Boosh all day.

I knew this had to exist somewhere around

...the net. Yep, a Boosh slash site, that was just unevitable.

Contains some nicey graphics, too, like this:

Vince's hats rule. And some bloody pretty icons to use anywhere! Well, these are pretty large, but I will consider using some on, although I really love the one I've got there now.

I am electro boooy

I SWEAR - this is the last episode of the Mighty Boosh I am gonna link here. I love it more and more with every second. It frightens me.

This one - "Electro" - is about music /yaaay!!/ and features Noel's girlfriend / the one from RID/. Duh, I've started daydreaming bout Noel. Too bad. Just like Carl Barat destroyed my last relationship, Noel Fieldin's gonna destroy this one, I feel it coming .D ! No, actually, to be disgusting, awful, honest and romantic, I have to say that I probably like to watch Noel because he reminds me of Adam in some mysterious ways. It's the nose. Fabulous shape, just maybe too little for the face /yes, we are really talking noses here/. And the expressions he uses as Vince Noir, that's sometimes SO bendish /new words rule/. And when it comes to daydreaming, it's always... "and then he would hold me.. just like Adam does..".

Ah, I suck.

Kentish town, Kentish town, Yeah, Kentish town, Kentish town, NOO...

Btw I coloured my WHITE capri pants BLACK so I can paint them. I was thinking about cherries. And robots. And the Mighty Boosh logo. Duh.

Come with us on a journey through the time and space...

Yesss I am SO good in avoiding the work I have to do. YAY for me.

Instead of drawing pics for July's articles I am STILL watching the Mighty Boosh. God. But the point is I tripped over another pretty good episode /"Good" = "The one that not only Noel Filding fanatics will appreciate"/, so have a look if you're in need of something that would enlighten your knowledge of modern british culture.

Heeere, click at Noel/Vince again!

The Mighty Boosh

Noel is very nice as a goth freak in the IT Crew, but it's just nothing compared to Vince Noir, the french duke, stylish zookeeper who likes girls in shiny fabrics and dating pandas. And of course, he found that wearing a poncho solves any problem, or at least any bad mood. I found some COMPLETE episodes of Noel Fielding's and Julian Barratt's /hot name/ comedy series The Mighty Boosh. You should check them out before the Youtube staff erases them, cause that's what they usually do with vids 25 minutes long, isn't it.

Click on the pic /such a poet/ to see my fav episode!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007 GOBLIN!

Watched the complete 1st serie of the IT Crowd today.

Why they didn't give Richmond some more space? It's my favourite character XD well, the IT guys are cool too, everybody loves losers, but goth losers are just... well.. my cup of tea. "My milky lens popped out!"

Richmond's played by Noel Fielding, who is pretty much the same weirdo as e.g. Russel Brand is. Pity he already dates that gal from Robots in disguise /on the other hand I love that band name. SO much better than Big Cheese, but after all, what is not/ And he appears in their video for the song "Girl", along with Chris Corner. Exciting.

Ok, so here he is, he and his weird and sorta distracting unusual beauty .P

Monday, April 2, 2007

Happy april ev'ryone

The month when spring is looking like real spring!

The weather is brilliant and I hate myself for being locked up in my smelly little chamber /Not my fault, it's those trainers which smell so awfully/, but I am innocent /kinda/ in this case, for if I met Adam at school /had green hair, supposed to be a lemming, but that's what my classmates told me/ I would certainly be out in the sun. Now... I dunno... maybe I am dashing out by mself in some time, cause this is against nature.

But i am glad the weekend's over - yesterday they even refused to let us into the club where we were supposed to play! So we took our stuff and went to the jet club, which is like one street further. And the sound was awful anyway, but I have to thank to Standa, Čistírna and Honza H., who seemed like the best fans to me - if there are any better, sorry, but these are just the best FOR ME. /I mean fans. Actually I hate the people .D / /Ooooh I am SOO hateful .D /
This week, despite some pretty nasty exams, is gonna be totally ALL RIGHT. If this weather remains, I have to make up at least one picnic w/ friends and wine. And food, naturally, but that comes in the last place .D I guess Šárka would be a nicey place for a gathering like that.

Shall I write something rebellious, new and provocative?

The sun took all my provocativeness away.