Tuesday, April 3, 2007

.....you GOBLIN!

Watched the complete 1st serie of the IT Crowd today.

Why they didn't give Richmond some more space? It's my favourite character XD well, the IT guys are cool too, everybody loves losers, but goth losers are just... well.. my cup of tea. "My milky lens popped out!"

Richmond's played by Noel Fielding, who is pretty much the same weirdo as e.g. Russel Brand is. Pity he already dates that gal from Robots in disguise /on the other hand I love that band name. SO much better than Big Cheese, but after all, what is not/ And he appears in their video for the song "Girl", along with Chris Corner. Exciting.

Ok, so here he is, he and his weird and sorta distracting unusual beauty .P

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