Thursday, April 26, 2007

I'm such a crappy girlfriend

And yes, lot of you guys know it already. Which is another scary fact about my lovelife. Or social life in general, which sucks a bit less though.

I wish I would have fuck up the exam today and had better mood instead. In reality it seems to be the very opposite of this "dreamy" situation. I am feeling rather crappy. Or maybe DAMN crappy. If I were Adam, I would kick me off of my life sooner than would I make some actual damage.

Yep, one of those days I felt like walking emotional semtex, just attach me to someone and wait what'll happen. I've beaten up my classmate for criticizing my divine self during the softball match, for example. And sure, it all ended with telling Adam he's fuckin up my life /which is the last thing he is doing, in fact/ /ok, so he told me he doesn't love me and he never will - or SOMETHING bearing the meaning, well/ and now he does not answer my calls. I would really love to apologize and maybe finally tell him.. stuff.

Teenage emotional diarrhoea affecting major number of posts is bad.

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