Saturday, April 21, 2007

Napoleon and other gorgeous lads


  1. Noel Fielding - He's just my numero uno. He's got the looks, the brains, the hair, the nose, the girlfriend /that sucks, but I do believe she's great, why would he live with someone who is not totally cool?/. I remember when I've seen him for the first time - we were looking through some band badges with Al and the site had also some contest involving Boosh running, and I know his looks interested me, kind of, but not enough back then /I was into Carl Barart anyways, or generally rough guitarist types, not queery extrovert comedians/. Yep, I needed IT crowd for that. It always works with me - most of men leave me cold until I see them in motion and talking.
  2. Cillian Murphy - Just three words: Breakfast on Pluto. I am off to see Sunshine tomorrow, I love catastrophic sci-fis with british actors, yay. Cillian is kinda weird, and we all know it, don't we? He's not a classical example of modern beauty, more likely the Victorian elegance, you know, that "Oscar Wilde's boyfriend" charming innocence.
  3. Jon Heder - Well, yes. He's actually too gorgeous for me and my weird taste in men, so if I knew him just as he looks on the left side of the pic, he would probably left me cold. Of course, Napoleon Dynamite himself is not gorgeous enough, on the other hand, so if think of someone in between, he's perfect. And sure, Jon's acting rocks.
  4. That guy who looks like little Al - Yup, the one in the back of the photo /sorry, don't have any better. But I guess it's good, I don't wanna end up staring at his pictures all day/. PrAndy's sis said he's not a very bright one, but Karin says he's fine. Just one year younger than me, electric. But I am too shy and anyways, we obviously don't have much stuff in common. I'll think about it next year.
  5. Chris O'Dowd - Maybe I am watching the IT crowd way too much, but I can't help myself. Everytime I come to the idea of being the head of IT team myself, I am automatically sure I would try to get Roy. Eeew. But honestly, Moss? No way. And Richmond? He's drop-dead gorgeous, but I could not date a goth. Goths are only one place above the metalists and you know metalists are listed really loooooooow on my "peaceful coexistence list".

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