Sunday, April 22, 2007

A Neon Prayer

The Arcade Fire's Neon Bible all weekend long. It was no love at first listening, though. Or, maybe... I just don't like the first tracks, so when I played it for the first time, I stopped it after track 3 and went for Art Brut again - but now... yeeessss... I dunno if I would personally give it 5 stars as the Q mag did, but 4 would be a sure thing.

  • Black Waves/Bad Vibrations - kind of a "double song" - it changes pretty radically somewhere near the middle, when it jumps from the girl vocals to male. I like the second part more, because of the backround choir-y thing, pretty much like in Neighborhood no.1 on Funeral. But the atmosphere of the song is powerful, pretty disturbing though /again, kinda like Neighborhood no.1/, and I can listen to it repeatedly all day.
  • No Cars Go - From the very start it's that sound that creates a flying feeling inside you - u know what I mean? You just want to close your eyes and both warmth and freeze are dancing on your spine. And I like songs that include some spaceships.
  • My Body Is a Cage - Very weird in the beginning, but it slowly evolves into a song not different from a movie score piece, with the right ghastly feeling and positively pathetical taste. Good finale indeed.
...go get it.

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