Sunday, April 15, 2007

This is sick(ness)

Lot of things are sick recently.

My discman got sick and DIED.

I got sick and my chances to see Roger Waters DIED.

I've seen some pics of Adam kissing Kolombo and it made me sick and I want to DIE
/I am a slash person, but this is no slash, all right? This is jealousy-worth/

I've watched Saw III and it was pretty sick, but I've let it be followed by Lolita, and that was worth DYING.


I popped up to one my web-acquaintance's blog, she actually has the same bog skin as I do, just with less red and more greenish blue. I think. I don't remember now. Duh. She writes great poetry in czech, at least the kind of poetry people like ME appreciate. Check it out.

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