Thursday, April 26, 2007

Everything in its Right Place

Why is everyone so nice to me? I mean... one crews up and finds all people being so into helping him and.. you know... it kinda moves me, to be honest.
So, well, I'd love to thank everyone who is so great holding people in their worse times and not only enjoying them when they are going through the better ones. Not like me, I am an arsehole who would never help anyone until he feels like having some profit from it. I suck and I suck AND I suck.

By the way, ultimately dumped. Welcome to Dumpsville, population: ME. I am actually kinda advanced in getting over these things, although this case was really bad. I won't lie, I lived with faith for our future, and, what the hell, what I felt for him was in certain moments more than I felt towards anyone else. Well, the fact that he's a hypocritical idiot who dates anyone just to get laid is making him a bit less respectable in my eyes though. Just to secure my own selfrespect I am afraid I'll have to make the villain of this story out of HIM, after all he is - more then me, unlike most of my past affairs. Which takes me to thoughts about how must have e.g. Al felt, and I can see why he doesn't talk to me anymore, I just wish Adam would be as sorry for this as I am .D nope.. I am not planning to stop contact with him. If he doesn't care, I would love to. Although the things I missed are probably essential for a friendship as well as for a serious partnership. We'll see.

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