Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I just had a feeling I could write a post.

Well, got dumped last night and reunited five minutes later, although it's probably just because -unlike me- he's not one of the people who crave for changes, even the drastic ones. Despite all this I have sunny happy nicey mood, even though I fucked up math test and I am writing second one tomorrow, with no better prognosis'.

We are playing at Vagon this friday, probably best of all venues we've ever played or planned to play at, I would not mind a gig at Rock Café, but Vagon is pretty good as well. We are all quite excited, so all of you who can, please come, or if you can not, save it for May 8th /I think/, we're attending a band contest at XT3, so your vote could help us out. /out of this bloody city!/ /just joking, Prague may be no London, but I still love it more than anywhere else/
I am getting used to 2nd Adam presence at the rehearsals, the last one was fun.

I would appreciate some ladies' society. If you know what I mean. All these guys are killing me.

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