Monday, April 2, 2007

Happy april ev'ryone

The month when spring is looking like real spring!

The weather is brilliant and I hate myself for being locked up in my smelly little chamber /Not my fault, it's those trainers which smell so awfully/, but I am innocent /kinda/ in this case, for if I met Adam at school /had green hair, supposed to be a lemming, but that's what my classmates told me/ I would certainly be out in the sun. Now... I dunno... maybe I am dashing out by mself in some time, cause this is against nature.

But i am glad the weekend's over - yesterday they even refused to let us into the club where we were supposed to play! So we took our stuff and went to the jet club, which is like one street further. And the sound was awful anyway, but I have to thank to Standa, Čistírna and Honza H., who seemed like the best fans to me - if there are any better, sorry, but these are just the best FOR ME. /I mean fans. Actually I hate the people .D / /Ooooh I am SOO hateful .D /
This week, despite some pretty nasty exams, is gonna be totally ALL RIGHT. If this weather remains, I have to make up at least one picnic w/ friends and wine. And food, naturally, but that comes in the last place .D I guess Šárka would be a nicey place for a gathering like that.

Shall I write something rebellious, new and provocative?

The sun took all my provocativeness away.

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