Saturday, March 31, 2007

The weekend tour

Friday gig, Saturday gig, Sunday gig, I can just hope I'm not gonna screw the second and third one up just like it screwd up the first one yesterday.

But it was fun, more or less. Some people who came pissed me off, but others were really nice, I am sorry I could not stay to hear Magnetická Páska, but I didn't feel really ok. The main point is that we were playing at Modrá Opice /blue monkey/, which is the most punk place in Prague. We went out, where some punks were just smoking around, mumbling "geez, it's SOO EMO in there", while the people inside were like "It's weird in here, so many punks". One of them even hit Adam, which really strenghtened my personal opinion on punk. But actually, hearing "Big! Cheese! Big! Cheese" and "Oi!Oi!Oi!" at the same time was quite a cool experience!

At this very moment, I feel like I kinda hate Maddy, which is a situation I would never expect to come. Happens.

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