Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Seaside Randez-Vous

gosh /so July-or-Amy-like word/.. listening to Queen, ignoring all my duties, falling for *Ego on two legs* and probably you know who I mean, although there are many Egos strolling 'round Alej /my school/ and they'll always do.

I have a killer day tomorrow. Yet had dreamy one today. So. Let's pretend I really do look on the bright side of life. Ahem.

Listen to We Will Become Silhouettes /by The Postal Service/ if you have a chance, the song rocks, but remember to listen to the lyrics, too. oh, or Mika's Grace Kelly /the most poppish song of the whole album, but also the most catchy/ and RHCP Scar Tissue. Addiction.

I know these posts are totally pointless.



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