Sunday, March 4, 2007

I'd appreciate that EMOTIONAL RESCUE Rolling Stones are singing about

Bad mood, people piss me off, but I believe that it's gonna be gone until tuesday /pissed off rehearsals suck/

There's this new equivalent to YouTube, finally czech, I've just seen nicey report from The Prostitutes gig - check it out, they rock. There's also one on First Choice, my former drum teacher's /btw that one who talks them ost in the report/ band. And if you love sick humour, enjoy the first part of original series "Gynecology"/Gynekologie/.

We have a gig ourselves tonight at XT3. With our exguitarist. Not a big love of mine, indeed, I will probably take a big paperbag and pull it over my head so nothing will bother me. Woo. Hoo. But you can come, no problem, XT3 is a nice club, it's just that I am REALLY glad that it's monday tomorrow. They say monday is the day with most suicides.

And I hope July gets well soon, I am even worse psychologist than physician, so I'm afraid there's nothing I can help with, but she'd would probably not let me even if there was.

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