Saturday, March 10, 2007

Up and down up and down

Went to the seasonal amusement park with Mike and Soc today. Bumped into a guy who looked like Julian Casablancas on the bumper cars - twice. I had enough adrenaline for the whole next week. And enough nausea, too.
And I've met Dysny on the tram stop. Ahem. I've just mumbled "hello-um-good music taste you know-um-gotta go-see ya" and that was pretty all. i can't help it, I like that guy.

Well, I still have someone I like much more than this guy, well, dating a guy from school makes you think weekends suck. While putting jam on pancakes last night he said "I am the master of lubrication" - which made me, my mum, soc and Mike laugh out loud, yes I know, top silliness, but evberybody appreciates a good silly joke from time to time /well, cathack talking about himself living in the "house of horror" - that's what actually one magazine really had written about their house - that was funny and maybe a bit more tasteful XD /

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