Saturday, June 30, 2007

Laaast niiight....

...was WONDERFUL! I was really starting to doubt if I am still able to party properly, but last night proved that I am still pretty party-fit.

It's just that I am not really sure who reads this blog, so I better don't write in details, I can just tell you: "sex, drugs and rock'n'roll" still lives!

Btw it all started at the Prostitutes gig, which was brilliant, I am SO gonna put them on my list of bands whose shows I will attend in my own will /so now I have two acts in that list, whoooa/. Now I know the bassist, Šmity, I have been introduced to Martin Destroyer by Vondráček, too, he rocks /they both do/ - he said he would surely come to see us in the Rock Café on the 2nd of august and I bet this is aaaaall heading for an ultimately ubercool show of us and them togetheeer.
I just still have these dark thoughts of leaving the band /for my lack of talent, of course/, but Vondráček seems to really want me in BC, so he calmed my emotional self down a bit.

Friday, June 29, 2007

A bit of my ego came back was attached to my school index! Yesss, I am officially an intelligent rocker and I love myself for that. This is probably the first year I am pretty proud of myself.

I am considering this Prostitutes gig tonight, Vondracek is trying to get us all there, so if other Cheesers are coming, I probably will too, the Prostitutes rock. Vodka with Red bull for 40 only! Sounds electric, I could stop this abstaining thing for one single night, I hope my tired intestines won't notice.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I am scared.

Yes I am!

By the way gig went pretty well, great atmosphere, great people, so thank you very much everyone who managed to show up.

It's just that I am still so scared. I can't even write the lyrics I've started some time ago (about shagging). What the hell is going on? D:

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Happy bastards

According to our BC friend Vondráček from the Radiostars and the Slots, that's exactly what we are going to be tomorrow ust around this time.

I have to agree with his prognosis, because playing with TWO, yes, TWO (!) members of the Prostitutes is nearly an orgasmic image to me. Drummer of Tři Sestry and of course Vondráček, who is the only person connected to my band /my band included/ who has given me a birthday present - a Bonzo poster! I guess he thinks I don't appreciate the coolness of it, but I do a hella lot!

The session today was pretty procreative indeed, we finished the new song, it's just that I am deadly sure I am gonna srew it up tomorrow. Thanks god we play two gigs, so if we bugger it up on the first one I HOPE we're not gonna play it later.

Lot of important people are about to come. People from Roxy, Rock Café, some guy from our possible sponsor S.Oliver and so on. Eeeeeek. Fuck.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Now we can officially burn the textbooks!

Yaaaaaaaaay. I've just glimpsed at my to do list and all the things in the "school" category are crossed!
Know what does that mean? I can do all that things I actually ENJOY! Like BUTTSECKS! (I mean drawing buttsecks)
Ok, this is pretty mild, but I have to shake down the shyness which holds me back when drawing homoerotic pics. I swear that by the end of the summer holidays I will be skilled in drawing any type of sexual intercourse .D and once I will be a cartoon porn artist. Kewl.
I am just thinking... having this extra time, I really should consider getting me a man, but I am terribly picky recently, and if someone seems to be worth it, I cannot force myself into any action.

So if anyone of you almost perfect guys in years 15-30 are seeking a summer romance (I have a photo-allergy though, so no sunbathing, tigers) , just let me know. We can do all this grass-lazing, eskimo kissing, fountain water splashing, non-intellectual movies watching, silliness challenges and dadaistic poetry writing.
Hat shopping.
Tesco nut section stealing.
Lyrics-on-just-three-chords writing.
Lame meals cooking.
The most silly compliment inventing.

Oh. I think I've just made myself kinda sad.

At least I don't have to go to school!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Cat of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts

The more aknowledged of das gut music surely know where I am aiming. I've chosen THE name.

So finally, pictures of lil' Sufjan .)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Like eating glass

Yup - that's how you'r gonna feel while reading THIS BLOG.

It's hard to tell if he's gonnma post every single disgusting thing he sends me via icq, but if he does, believe me, scrolling through his page is gonna be just PAINFUL.

Well, metalists, you cannot really expect the opposite, can you.

btw. the cat pics are already taken, but my batteries suck badly, so I am waiting for them to get recharged again and then, maybe, I am able to transfer the photos on my HD.
And the name problem... I would really like NOT if I had to tell everyone that my cat's name is Máca. I am probably going to call him like that anyway, but officialy he deserves some ubercool indie name.

Ricky Wilson - pet with both name and surname is so posh .D and if you knew it, you would have to admit it's just like Ricky. The problem is that when it grows up it will look more like Nick Hodgson, what a dilemma! Nick Hodgson is a stupid pet name.
Julian - yes, that's for Julian Casablancas. Another cute indie guy and my ego-saver.
Vince Noir - doesn't suit it's colour AT ALL, but sounds vg
Jonesy - for from all Zeppelins, Jonesy was the only one who shared this brown-ish... whatever... colour with my cat .D
Carl/Pete - when I think about it, this kitten is definitely a Doherty. Less sophisticated and beautiful in a really unique way.
Libertine - now I am stealing even the band names! allright then. It doesn't have to refer only to the band though. Check out wiki.
Kaiser (Chief) - woo hoo .D stupid name
Sufjan - I like that a lot. The cat has some "rural" background, that reminds me of the arses of the world /dunno if a similar idiom is used in english, but it fits here/ Sufjan Stevens comes from.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Máca Kochipako

Sounds japanese.

But it's just the nick of our new kitten, for whom I am just not capable to think of a suitable name. It's a girl, but as you know from the case of my rat, I doesn't really matter to me.

It is ADORABLE. July brought it from that place she's riding horses at - I was actually trying to catch one of them for 2 hours or so on the noon sun, so my shoulders got that healthy pink tone, oh wow. I was not succesful, but when I left, she ringed me that one of the guys /it was the one with piece of skull missing, funny bloke indeed/ caught the kittens, so she took the only girl and she'll bring it in hour or so. And YES, parents weren't very happy, but it's allright now I guess. Máca is now resting somewhere in my sister's stuff, my parents and sis went to the wilderness for three days and I have been left here just with the animal and grandpa.

Do not worry, I am about to post some pics of the fluffy thing in almost no time .) if it shows up >.>

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Wake up! Wake up!

Wake up, my right leg!

I was just standing by the window, having a lunch at the Barrandov tv studios and just when I was about to make a step, my right leg betrayed me in a really uncool way. Now I am walking with this grand-grandmother´s cane all around and I feel important.

Have I mentioned that lil´fella did write me eventually? Whoa, doen´t happen to me every day. And especially when it comes to younger blokes I was always saying they are definitely NOT atracted to my person, yet recently I am getting just the opposite feeling - seems like all the 16 yrs old folks want to do is... well, yes, lose their virginity. /with me/
Sounds electric to me, I told you, I am just Adam Benda with tits and without obnoxious "romantic" alter-egos. Thanks god.

My friend "the Metalist" /lol/ told me nopt to write about my needs to get laid here, which sounds sensible. So I will try not to. At least no to do it in every post .D It´s not my fault that there is nothing interesting happening around here!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Let´s rob the cradles!

I´ve been WORKING this weekend.

OK, so not exactly. I was doing the audience on one tv show for money, but that counts for a job, doesn´t it? Anyways, today was fun, because I dunno if I am just hella horny or I should get glasses or I am just plain weird, but I totally fell for one show contestant´s son, who could have been like 16 or 17, but when he grows up, he´ll be DROP DEAD GORGEOUS. He´s got this making-me-faint indie haircut, big nose and kinda Hodgson-ish grin. I was staring at him like a freak all day, finishing it with sending him a note w/ my number, pity there was no more space for adding "I am the person your parents warned you of", because that´s exactly what I was in that point. And I still am, for I ....... erased.... my schoolday tomorrow to make some more money and scare that lil´ fella. Geez, I wonder how much more shaggable will this bloke get.

I certainly need to get laid. Bah, the fact this attitude comes only once a month or so is fine, but on the other hand, when it comes, it cannot just be blown away.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Oi Oi Que Pasa?!

Thanks for the title go to Martin "Smrťák" Blahota, who had some really tricky times doing his instant chicken pasta.

Yup, back from the canoe trip. Btw co-ed boat pairs do rock indeed, for a good chat with your g-friend about love life and sex is good once in a while, but when you have to deal with the opposite sex in the same boat, the real fun begins. Well, mostly when it came to doing dangerous, maybe even stupid things that made that trip worth remembering though.

July's gonna post some pics on her Rajce soon, I hope. But don't study the ones with me in them pretty please. Hooray for sunburn and sun rash. Yippee yo yo.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

See ya, mates!

I am off to the boat trip on tomorrow morning and coming back on thursday, so.. well... I don't think anyone would really suffer by the lack of my genius, so it's more like an announcement for my foes: you can do all that crap I try to stop you from for five days!

BUT /pronounced in the hodgson way - so more like Bah/!
I prepared this list of sites you can visit during my inavailability, mostly the ones I am whoring on at moments I have some bloody serious stuff to do and pretendind it does not exist.
  • - let me know if you register, we can be friends and I'll get to know ALL YOUR RESULTS mwahaha. Well, definitely a good timekiller. Heaps of personality quizzes, the Ph.Dr approved are kinda interesting, but they will always give you only a part of your result if you're not a subscriber, but it's not that bad.
  • Y!Gallery - made my own accnt there recently, a great spot for manlove admirers and general freaksters, nothing for homophobic people though. I admit Aladdin x Hercules sex turns me on, kinda.
  • Roi World - aaaaw dress up games! Let's all be ten again! This is actually an excellent timewaster. I think this site provides top-quality dress-up flashes. so if you are a girl or a girly boy and have nothing better to do, or you do, but you don't want to do it actually, check this out. Graphics are sweet.
  • Best Stuff in the World - I know I've already mentioned this one here before. Yet it is koool e-nuff to be mentioned again.
  • The Urban Dictionary - when our spanish teacher says that dictionaries are the devil's work, it is probably because he has spent too much time around this site. Actually a brilliant tool when translating all these amarican Dads, Family Guys or BBC silliness', but fun enough to just browse through on lonely nights and having fun discovering what things like "puzzle butt" or "BOBFOC" mean.
I also had a lil' date last night and actually this morning, too, we've been waiting for the castle's lights to go out, which happens around 2 am, but the session has been prolonged by a pack of his friends, who were just coming back from some birthday party thing. So today I am all dizzy and sleepy and have to pack my things, which surprisingly went on pretty well to this moment, but I am waiting for the cvery second when EVERYTHING is screwd. I know how these things work, you won't fool me!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

About my fashion sense

My old bikinis /oh yeah, even whales DO wear bikinis, har dee har har/ are kinda... smallish, I mean especially the top piece - totally unusable. so I went to see if there were any nice ones I could get me and dammit, the bigger sizes are always already bought. The only ones that really fitted me were the most emo bikinis around.

Well, generally I DO like emo stuff, I like the design, it's just that everyone point at you and say "eeew, eeemooooo!!". but I hope an 18 yr old strawberry blonde can hardly be considered one of those hardcore emo kids. I can hardly be even considered a kid. And emo kids don't have big boobs. (not that big)

Just to assure you they REALLY are totally emo /or at least they are made to catch the eyes of fanatical little black-fringed teens/ - they have SKULLS and BUTTERFLIES on them. this is the kind of emo fashion you cannot defend with "what the hell this is no emo you bastard, this is indie, got it? indie, you bitch, from what time are stripes emo?".

Monday, June 4, 2007

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Jesus Shaves!

Yeah, there is something about The Fratellis that reminds me of the Libertines. I will stalk them from now on. /Whistle for the Choir is lovable/

Oh sorry you guys if I ruined your fun yesterday, but I guess that...I did not. Nobody really cared, right? And I've had THE dream again tonight. Just for case you didn't know, it's one of these you could kill yourself just to avoid waking up ever again. So beautiful you hate yourself in morning a BIG WAY. I fear the worst - I am going MAAAD.
"I must confess my heart's on broken pieces and my head's a mess" - how the Fratellis sing. Which describes my mood for yesterday and maybe even the whole last week and my whole future? And the lyrics continue with "It's four in the morning and I'm walking alone beside a ghost of every drinker that has ever done wrong". And yes, I know I've done wrong MANY times.
I must not drink ever again.
I felt this shitty really long time ago, and don't even remember when.

The True League!

Such a pathetic name can only refer to a stupid band contest!

No, well, I enjoyed it quite a lot, good drumkit at least, and that young guy with looong hair /aaaw/ seemed like he enjoyed it. On the other hand all the rest of the jury looked like 35+, which definitely isn't our target age group. So I don't expect any breaking success, but I did not expected it before either.

We play at Kampa this evening, it's a little fest and if it's not raining, please come, it's freeee .D I hope Chad's coming.