Wednesday, June 6, 2007

About my fashion sense

My old bikinis /oh yeah, even whales DO wear bikinis, har dee har har/ are kinda... smallish, I mean especially the top piece - totally unusable. so I went to see if there were any nice ones I could get me and dammit, the bigger sizes are always already bought. The only ones that really fitted me were the most emo bikinis around.

Well, generally I DO like emo stuff, I like the design, it's just that everyone point at you and say "eeew, eeemooooo!!". but I hope an 18 yr old strawberry blonde can hardly be considered one of those hardcore emo kids. I can hardly be even considered a kid. And emo kids don't have big boobs. (not that big)

Just to assure you they REALLY are totally emo /or at least they are made to catch the eyes of fanatical little black-fringed teens/ - they have SKULLS and BUTTERFLIES on them. this is the kind of emo fashion you cannot defend with "what the hell this is no emo you bastard, this is indie, got it? indie, you bitch, from what time are stripes emo?".


Jana said...

K tomuhle nemám co dodat. :) Ale musím říct, že mě to pobavilo jako už dlouho nic..... I když takovým tím zvráceným způsobem. >_<

Kaki said...

to musel byt dost zvraceny "zvraceny zpusob" .D

Ossie said...

why say you are a whale? If you are a whale you must be the sexiest whale ever (and sexier then any human ofcourse)

Actually i just wanted to say: you are hot and i love you.