Thursday, June 21, 2007

Like eating glass

Yup - that's how you'r gonna feel while reading THIS BLOG.

It's hard to tell if he's gonnma post every single disgusting thing he sends me via icq, but if he does, believe me, scrolling through his page is gonna be just PAINFUL.

Well, metalists, you cannot really expect the opposite, can you.

btw. the cat pics are already taken, but my batteries suck badly, so I am waiting for them to get recharged again and then, maybe, I am able to transfer the photos on my HD.
And the name problem... I would really like NOT if I had to tell everyone that my cat's name is Máca. I am probably going to call him like that anyway, but officialy he deserves some ubercool indie name.

Ricky Wilson - pet with both name and surname is so posh .D and if you knew it, you would have to admit it's just like Ricky. The problem is that when it grows up it will look more like Nick Hodgson, what a dilemma! Nick Hodgson is a stupid pet name.
Julian - yes, that's for Julian Casablancas. Another cute indie guy and my ego-saver.
Vince Noir - doesn't suit it's colour AT ALL, but sounds vg
Jonesy - for from all Zeppelins, Jonesy was the only one who shared this brown-ish... whatever... colour with my cat .D
Carl/Pete - when I think about it, this kitten is definitely a Doherty. Less sophisticated and beautiful in a really unique way.
Libertine - now I am stealing even the band names! allright then. It doesn't have to refer only to the band though. Check out wiki.
Kaiser (Chief) - woo hoo .D stupid name
Sufjan - I like that a lot. The cat has some "rural" background, that reminds me of the arses of the world /dunno if a similar idiom is used in english, but it fits here/ Sufjan Stevens comes from.


cathack said...

Octopuss je kretén. Na jej už mám v ignore.

Kaki said...

lol .D ... tohle bylo mysleno jako pratelsky link .D

Anonymous said...

rofl. od koho ze to nejvic fici?... nebud emo, tragedku :)