Saturday, June 9, 2007

See ya, mates!

I am off to the boat trip on tomorrow morning and coming back on thursday, so.. well... I don't think anyone would really suffer by the lack of my genius, so it's more like an announcement for my foes: you can do all that crap I try to stop you from for five days!

BUT /pronounced in the hodgson way - so more like Bah/!
I prepared this list of sites you can visit during my inavailability, mostly the ones I am whoring on at moments I have some bloody serious stuff to do and pretendind it does not exist.
  • - let me know if you register, we can be friends and I'll get to know ALL YOUR RESULTS mwahaha. Well, definitely a good timekiller. Heaps of personality quizzes, the Ph.Dr approved are kinda interesting, but they will always give you only a part of your result if you're not a subscriber, but it's not that bad.
  • Y!Gallery - made my own accnt there recently, a great spot for manlove admirers and general freaksters, nothing for homophobic people though. I admit Aladdin x Hercules sex turns me on, kinda.
  • Roi World - aaaaw dress up games! Let's all be ten again! This is actually an excellent timewaster. I think this site provides top-quality dress-up flashes. so if you are a girl or a girly boy and have nothing better to do, or you do, but you don't want to do it actually, check this out. Graphics are sweet.
  • Best Stuff in the World - I know I've already mentioned this one here before. Yet it is koool e-nuff to be mentioned again.
  • The Urban Dictionary - when our spanish teacher says that dictionaries are the devil's work, it is probably because he has spent too much time around this site. Actually a brilliant tool when translating all these amarican Dads, Family Guys or BBC silliness', but fun enough to just browse through on lonely nights and having fun discovering what things like "puzzle butt" or "BOBFOC" mean.
I also had a lil' date last night and actually this morning, too, we've been waiting for the castle's lights to go out, which happens around 2 am, but the session has been prolonged by a pack of his friends, who were just coming back from some birthday party thing. So today I am all dizzy and sleepy and have to pack my things, which surprisingly went on pretty well to this moment, but I am waiting for the cvery second when EVERYTHING is screwd. I know how these things work, you won't fool me!

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