Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Happy bastards

According to our BC friend Vondráček from the Radiostars and the Slots, that's exactly what we are going to be tomorrow ust around this time.

I have to agree with his prognosis, because playing with TWO, yes, TWO (!) members of the Prostitutes is nearly an orgasmic image to me. Drummer of Tři Sestry and of course Vondráček, who is the only person connected to my band /my band included/ who has given me a birthday present - a Bonzo poster! I guess he thinks I don't appreciate the coolness of it, but I do a hella lot!

The session today was pretty procreative indeed, we finished the new song, it's just that I am deadly sure I am gonna srew it up tomorrow. Thanks god we play two gigs, so if we bugger it up on the first one I HOPE we're not gonna play it later.

Lot of important people are about to come. People from Roxy, Rock Café, some guy from our possible sponsor S.Oliver and so on. Eeeeeek. Fuck.

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