Saturday, June 30, 2007

Laaast niiight....

...was WONDERFUL! I was really starting to doubt if I am still able to party properly, but last night proved that I am still pretty party-fit.

It's just that I am not really sure who reads this blog, so I better don't write in details, I can just tell you: "sex, drugs and rock'n'roll" still lives!

Btw it all started at the Prostitutes gig, which was brilliant, I am SO gonna put them on my list of bands whose shows I will attend in my own will /so now I have two acts in that list, whoooa/. Now I know the bassist, Šmity, I have been introduced to Martin Destroyer by Vondráček, too, he rocks /they both do/ - he said he would surely come to see us in the Rock Café on the 2nd of august and I bet this is aaaaall heading for an ultimately ubercool show of us and them togetheeer.
I just still have these dark thoughts of leaving the band /for my lack of talent, of course/, but Vondráček seems to really want me in BC, so he calmed my emotional self down a bit.

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