Monday, June 25, 2007

Now we can officially burn the textbooks!

Yaaaaaaaaay. I've just glimpsed at my to do list and all the things in the "school" category are crossed!
Know what does that mean? I can do all that things I actually ENJOY! Like BUTTSECKS! (I mean drawing buttsecks)
Ok, this is pretty mild, but I have to shake down the shyness which holds me back when drawing homoerotic pics. I swear that by the end of the summer holidays I will be skilled in drawing any type of sexual intercourse .D and once I will be a cartoon porn artist. Kewl.
I am just thinking... having this extra time, I really should consider getting me a man, but I am terribly picky recently, and if someone seems to be worth it, I cannot force myself into any action.

So if anyone of you almost perfect guys in years 15-30 are seeking a summer romance (I have a photo-allergy though, so no sunbathing, tigers) , just let me know. We can do all this grass-lazing, eskimo kissing, fountain water splashing, non-intellectual movies watching, silliness challenges and dadaistic poetry writing.
Hat shopping.
Tesco nut section stealing.
Lyrics-on-just-three-chords writing.
Lame meals cooking.
The most silly compliment inventing.

Oh. I think I've just made myself kinda sad.

At least I don't have to go to school!

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