Saturday, October 25, 2008


I have to admit I have already thought about what song lyrics /cause I lack any originality or creativity/ should I post here when the thing which has just happened happens.

When the sun got big
And the lights went down
We used to share a drink
And let the demons out

We let the good times rock
We let the bad times roll
We used to laugh a lot
You had a lot of soul

Old friends in better times
Old friend of mine

When the going got hard
When times were tough
We had our backs to the wall
You used to strut your stuff

With a head held high
And a heart so big
One fist to the sky
To shake a leg

Old friends in better times ...

Even though, even though we miss you now
Look forward, don't look back
We'll get by somehow

Old friend of mine ...

And so I raise my glass
In a last goodbye
Leave in peace, old friend
For me you'll never die

The best thing I can say
After all this time
You were a real friend of mine

Old friends in better times ...

/Roger Taylor - Old Friends/

Friday, October 17, 2008

Two weeks at school and I already feel like.. not going there

Duh. I am the queen of slackers, baroness of procrastinators and such. And I signed up for too many lessons. Gonna cut that down a little next semester. And go to Iceland.

Do you think you can bring pets to funerals? It seems now that Robin the almost 3-years old rat is going to live out our grandpa. And it's a sure thing grandpa always was these little creatures' best brother in crime.
Wow. I always thought confrontation with death wouldn't touch me like that. I guess if it was a done thing it would be better.

Btw I still want to have Highway to Hell played on my funeral. OR - Sympathy for the Devil. That would be epic. OR- Space Oddity.

Though I'm past one hundred thousand miles
I'm feeling very still
And I think my spaceship knows which way to go

Everyone who reads this is responsible for making my wishes true. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Talkin' 'bout ma' Generation

Something in the back of my head tells me that my attitute as far as males are concerned is somewhat too "natural" and not enough "civilized". Screw that /literally/.

Just got back from the four-day-ofs-socially-rich-activities-(and-alcohol) that the students of 2nd year of MKPR organized for the bunch of greens who had the luck to get to the "most prestigious school of them all". /popular joke, aint it/
First, thanks.
I would kill myself having to cope with such a gang of over-individualistic intellectuals.

But back to the first paragraph.
The boys. I dunno whether I can blame my rollecoaster hormone levels, but I could not help myself. It seems that IQ is sexy after all.

CHASE is the most metrosexual guy I have ever talked to for longer than a minute, who praises the men's line of L'Oreal facial care and if there wasnt for his every-morning urge to gel his hair up into that renowned parody of mohawk hairdo, he would actually really look like Chase from House MD.
MÍŠA is one of those guys you have to like, just because they seem to like you too - in the most innocent way. He looks like he cares and listens, and has a girlfriend, so its all pretty safe when it comes to any contact.
JONÁŠ is obnoxiously perfect, if you know what I mean. Clever, witty, nice, gorgeous, stylish and smiles even with a sprained ankle. Wow. With cca 8 girls twirling around him at all times and all places, you have basically no chance
to talk to him without feeling like "omg, now I have got 5 minutes to show him I am better than all those other gals!". I think Sandy has a little crush on him, but once again, who doesn't.
MÍRA himself was pretty charmed by Jonáš. Apart from that /lol/ he's a very "friendly" guy. Or, a guy who likes to have girl friends. Not girlfriends. I actually have problems with such blokes for I don't believe in inter-sexual friendships. I like his eyes.
PRÁVNÍK is 4 years older than my average classmate and you CAN notice. Still, he rocks on the dancefloor. Pretty much like..
PAN OBŘÍZKA, who /I bet you can already tell/ is a person who doesn't really possess the art of stopping talking when it comes to
 information you didn't need to hear.