Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A lucid interval

The only bright spot of this weird, cloudy, cold, unfortunate and generally fucked up day was THIS POST on the Prostitutes' blog. I was laughing out loud for several minutes.
Pity it couldn't last longer.

Reminds me - if we meet, tell me to show you how Vondráček impersonates "Šmity when you ask him for money" or, even better "Šmity when you ask him to borrow you his phone". Hilarious.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Spoiler warning!!

If you DON'T want to know what the new BC website is going to look like, CLOSE YOUR EYES! Quick!

I know I shouldn't, but I cannot resist the temptation! My sweet child! My whole evening's (!!!) work!

Still not a final version - have to change the headline, at least the colour.

Dobrý den, jmenuji se Martin Přikryl a živím se vymýšlením reklam

Well, you don't tell me that watching a breakfast flick to find out Destroyer shows up in it is a coincidence. That's a hardcore OMEN .D lol

Anyways, Mik poppped out at my place to scan 180 PICTURES - thanks god he's not one of the people who would let ME to do it for THEM - or, it's his luck, because that's exactly the case where my charity ends. July came later, we had some vodka and champagne and watched the collection of Queen music vids - it was a killer nostalgy for both me and July, how long is it, four years? Since we've watched that like several times a WEEK?
Although it was probably caused by the level of alcohol in our bloodstream, we revived the idea of a girl Queen revival band that we planned to have yeeears ago - THE FAT BOTTOMED GIRLS. Do you get how cool that would be? It's just that I am Rog and she's Bri, so we can't sing /not a big pity though/. I don't think finding a lass singing like Freddie is an easy task.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

It's MR. Wilson for YOU!

Bought me a pair of skinny jeans, just like RICKY WILSON /does capital writing mean that he will more likely read it?/ wears. I wish they could last to winter, it's not very probable though. At least I am taking them to Rock Café.

Adam K. of Big Cheese was celebrating his 17th year on this groovy planet, got him sunglasses, for his last ones were destroyed during our Rubín gig on my birthday. They look like this, but more mirror-y:After midnight we all ran away to the Vagón club - that place is wild. My feet started to hurt in the early morning, so I went home, hoping I could get some sleep, but oh noes, Vondráček arrive an hour later and, well, didn't have much sleeping after that.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Should I?

Well... guess I should. Post some pictures. From the camp. It wasn't THAT BAD .D it's just that browsing the photos brings back meeemooorieeees......... I wan't to die .D
Looking at the shots make me realize that the person I called "my only friend in the whole camp" was my friend indeed, even though it was rough sometimes, right, Pavel? He was and still is great! He's the impersonation of Roy of the IT crowd - he is an IT "expert" at a bank or something, he looks sorta like Roy and, well, he's just as sexually frustraded. He just doesn't wear such cool tees.
Yup, that's me in my ubercool geisha costume of crepe paper and wizard cloak - did I mention it was a Harry Potter Camp? And I had to be RON? Duh. We sang Mimořádná linka Praha-Tokyo with my befriended coworkers. Five of us. In THAT horrible costume D: ....!

As far as the kids are concerned - well, the girls were fine. Here I am with Anne, daughter of the camp's owner /eeeek, yup, I was nice to this one/. Some of them were obnoxious sometimes, and great percent of the BOYS was worth physical punishment /which they've got
eventually. I am no humanist!/My favourite group was the 13th, the cyclo-group, led by Pavel and Jirka -see below- who was fun to go with to search for lost children at night - he was totally nightblind, so he held the torch and I was leading him off the pools. Also, see how both Jirka and Jíťa are wearing tees of one grrrreat band! While dancing macarena. Retro.

My Immigrant Song

Yup, have come back from the land of the ice and snow /40 degrees seem like norway in comparison to the same weather in this urban jungle, not mentioning the nights, FREEEEEEZING/! I'm a survivor /any broadcasting company having money for me, huh?/!
I feel a bit hit by the chaos that rules this place though. I still wake up and tend to run around the house to get my kids to breakfast. And, sadly, the kids were my only GREAT FANS when I played guitar. I am an ordinary loser once again now I'm back from the wilderness.
My supervisors hated me. Oh, no, not all of them. Just the camp medic. Camp medic was a little narrow-minded, but I have to admit I went a bit too wild sometimes. Guess that my rock'n'roll lifestyle didn't really suit my position. At least I've got some /LITTLE/ money - went right into my >>Last Days of Summer in London<< piggy bank.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Oi, aaaawkwaaaard

How comes Destroyer's found my blog?

Eeek. Should not have written so many posts about Šmity .D
Or about the Prostitutes in general.

Ooooooor post the last two pictures .D

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Had to stop it.

Stop the silly thoughts about Šmity .D

I've made this pic of "me" (yup, not me, but only "me", for I doubt I will ever look like this, but.. whatever .D) and Vondráček and it was great making it. Weeeeee......

And you better fullview - I know you want to.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

See? Gotta love this bod. .D

I'm a Monster

..a fucking monster, just like Adrian (I wanna whole lotta love) sings.

It's just that... bah... I feel kinda unused. right now, when I need to be used /in.. that...way/! I soothe my mind drawing weird stuff. By weird I do not mean artistically weird. I mean weird as in "That late night movie about that Dracula's concubines, mate, that was really WEIRD". This weird.
I can post one piece which is pretty innocent, compared to the others. I like it a lot, once again I could draw something I wanted, not something somebody else wanted, plus, this time it's even something I would pretty much appreciate to HAPPEN actually. It's a secret though. It's just that my own nightdreaming is manipulating me! Help!

AND check out his wonderful tum >.> drives me MAAAAAAAD <.< I don't recall any of my BFs ever having one, they all looked like they've just returned from Dachau or like cheap supermodels (not very much of these though).
no need to mention Adrian's GORGEOUS. Everyone can see.

Guaranteed to blow your mind!

Ok, not really, but I've made some other 100x100 avatars of the Prostitutes, how cool is that.

Emo ones

Not-emo ones /Destroyer's does not deserve something such lame as emo design .D or.. maybe he's just too funny/

Look into my ICONS!

Lol.. Look into my Eyes is right now my Prostitutes favourite. It's so... uncompromising and, in a way, sexual.
That's probably why I had this dream of doing fellatio to Šmity last night. Bassists.

Anyways! Had a tiny little free time /before going to the bank and the vet with Sufjan./ so I've made these three /i know it's poor/ icons, feel free to use and leave a comment /yup, I know none of you likes Prostitutes, so why should you/

Šmity looks like Adam K. from Big Cheese, only black haired. And older. If I am off of BC one day, I will get him D:

Monday, July 9, 2007

so now I am OFFICIALLY Julian Casablancas in skirts

I don't know any other member of a band dating their own manager. It's wrong, yet so electric!

I am totally unable to concentrate on anything. I just exist, mostly in some alternative space of mine. Going out of the city for two weeks on friday, which scares the hell out of me. The person living with me is gonna be so PISSED by my romantic jerk attitude.

For your pleasure, pic of Vondráček! He just has twice the hair now. Funny.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Love! Peace!

And all the other stuff. This summer obviously has THE vibe. Age of the Aquarius! Free love! Spread peace!

I listen to Doors and Velvet Underground and wear a Led Zepp tee, sticking flowers into my loose hair and I wanna be adored /Stone Roses!/. tonight shall be the very beginning of our once legendary borracho pack, alcoholic mob or whatever you want it to be, man! V ondráček plans to take some of his friends, so it looks like we're having a wide age range t'night .D.
I've watched The Doors once again... yup.. I can understand pretty well why they call me Nico all the time D: eventually it's better to be Nico than Pam. I guess.