Sunday, July 29, 2007

It's MR. Wilson for YOU!

Bought me a pair of skinny jeans, just like RICKY WILSON /does capital writing mean that he will more likely read it?/ wears. I wish they could last to winter, it's not very probable though. At least I am taking them to Rock Café.

Adam K. of Big Cheese was celebrating his 17th year on this groovy planet, got him sunglasses, for his last ones were destroyed during our Rubín gig on my birthday. They look like this, but more mirror-y:After midnight we all ran away to the Vagón club - that place is wild. My feet started to hurt in the early morning, so I went home, hoping I could get some sleep, but oh noes, Vondráček arrive an hour later and, well, didn't have much sleeping after that.

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