Saturday, July 28, 2007

My Immigrant Song

Yup, have come back from the land of the ice and snow /40 degrees seem like norway in comparison to the same weather in this urban jungle, not mentioning the nights, FREEEEEEZING/! I'm a survivor /any broadcasting company having money for me, huh?/!
I feel a bit hit by the chaos that rules this place though. I still wake up and tend to run around the house to get my kids to breakfast. And, sadly, the kids were my only GREAT FANS when I played guitar. I am an ordinary loser once again now I'm back from the wilderness.
My supervisors hated me. Oh, no, not all of them. Just the camp medic. Camp medic was a little narrow-minded, but I have to admit I went a bit too wild sometimes. Guess that my rock'n'roll lifestyle didn't really suit my position. At least I've got some /LITTLE/ money - went right into my >>Last Days of Summer in London<< piggy bank.

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