Monday, July 30, 2007

Dobrý den, jmenuji se Martin Přikryl a živím se vymýšlením reklam

Well, you don't tell me that watching a breakfast flick to find out Destroyer shows up in it is a coincidence. That's a hardcore OMEN .D lol

Anyways, Mik poppped out at my place to scan 180 PICTURES - thanks god he's not one of the people who would let ME to do it for THEM - or, it's his luck, because that's exactly the case where my charity ends. July came later, we had some vodka and champagne and watched the collection of Queen music vids - it was a killer nostalgy for both me and July, how long is it, four years? Since we've watched that like several times a WEEK?
Although it was probably caused by the level of alcohol in our bloodstream, we revived the idea of a girl Queen revival band that we planned to have yeeears ago - THE FAT BOTTOMED GIRLS. Do you get how cool that would be? It's just that I am Rog and she's Bri, so we can't sing /not a big pity though/. I don't think finding a lass singing like Freddie is an easy task.

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