Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I'm a Monster

..a fucking monster, just like Adrian (I wanna whole lotta love) sings.

It's just that... bah... I feel kinda unused. right now, when I need to be used /in.. that...way/! I soothe my mind drawing weird stuff. By weird I do not mean artistically weird. I mean weird as in "That late night movie about that Dracula's concubines, mate, that was really WEIRD". This weird.
I can post one piece which is pretty innocent, compared to the others. I like it a lot, once again I could draw something I wanted, not something somebody else wanted, plus, this time it's even something I would pretty much appreciate to HAPPEN actually. It's a secret though. It's just that my own nightdreaming is manipulating me! Help!

AND check out his wonderful tum >.> drives me MAAAAAAAD <.< I don't recall any of my BFs ever having one, they all looked like they've just returned from Dachau or like cheap supermodels (not very much of these though).
no need to mention Adrian's GORGEOUS. Everyone can see.

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