Saturday, July 28, 2007

Should I?

Well... guess I should. Post some pictures. From the camp. It wasn't THAT BAD .D it's just that browsing the photos brings back meeemooorieeees......... I wan't to die .D
Looking at the shots make me realize that the person I called "my only friend in the whole camp" was my friend indeed, even though it was rough sometimes, right, Pavel? He was and still is great! He's the impersonation of Roy of the IT crowd - he is an IT "expert" at a bank or something, he looks sorta like Roy and, well, he's just as sexually frustraded. He just doesn't wear such cool tees.
Yup, that's me in my ubercool geisha costume of crepe paper and wizard cloak - did I mention it was a Harry Potter Camp? And I had to be RON? Duh. We sang Mimořádná linka Praha-Tokyo with my befriended coworkers. Five of us. In THAT horrible costume D: ....!

As far as the kids are concerned - well, the girls were fine. Here I am with Anne, daughter of the camp's owner /eeeek, yup, I was nice to this one/. Some of them were obnoxious sometimes, and great percent of the BOYS was worth physical punishment /which they've got
eventually. I am no humanist!/My favourite group was the 13th, the cyclo-group, led by Pavel and Jirka -see below- who was fun to go with to search for lost children at night - he was totally nightblind, so he held the torch and I was leading him off the pools. Also, see how both Jirka and Jíťa are wearing tees of one grrrreat band! While dancing macarena. Retro.

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