Saturday, October 25, 2008


I have to admit I have already thought about what song lyrics /cause I lack any originality or creativity/ should I post here when the thing which has just happened happens.

When the sun got big
And the lights went down
We used to share a drink
And let the demons out

We let the good times rock
We let the bad times roll
We used to laugh a lot
You had a lot of soul

Old friends in better times
Old friend of mine

When the going got hard
When times were tough
We had our backs to the wall
You used to strut your stuff

With a head held high
And a heart so big
One fist to the sky
To shake a leg

Old friends in better times ...

Even though, even though we miss you now
Look forward, don't look back
We'll get by somehow

Old friend of mine ...

And so I raise my glass
In a last goodbye
Leave in peace, old friend
For me you'll never die

The best thing I can say
After all this time
You were a real friend of mine

Old friends in better times ...

/Roger Taylor - Old Friends/

Friday, October 17, 2008

Two weeks at school and I already feel like.. not going there

Duh. I am the queen of slackers, baroness of procrastinators and such. And I signed up for too many lessons. Gonna cut that down a little next semester. And go to Iceland.

Do you think you can bring pets to funerals? It seems now that Robin the almost 3-years old rat is going to live out our grandpa. And it's a sure thing grandpa always was these little creatures' best brother in crime.
Wow. I always thought confrontation with death wouldn't touch me like that. I guess if it was a done thing it would be better.

Btw I still want to have Highway to Hell played on my funeral. OR - Sympathy for the Devil. That would be epic. OR- Space Oddity.

Though I'm past one hundred thousand miles
I'm feeling very still
And I think my spaceship knows which way to go

Everyone who reads this is responsible for making my wishes true. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Talkin' 'bout ma' Generation

Something in the back of my head tells me that my attitute as far as males are concerned is somewhat too "natural" and not enough "civilized". Screw that /literally/.

Just got back from the four-day-ofs-socially-rich-activities-(and-alcohol) that the students of 2nd year of MKPR organized for the bunch of greens who had the luck to get to the "most prestigious school of them all". /popular joke, aint it/
First, thanks.
I would kill myself having to cope with such a gang of over-individualistic intellectuals.

But back to the first paragraph.
The boys. I dunno whether I can blame my rollecoaster hormone levels, but I could not help myself. It seems that IQ is sexy after all.

CHASE is the most metrosexual guy I have ever talked to for longer than a minute, who praises the men's line of L'Oreal facial care and if there wasnt for his every-morning urge to gel his hair up into that renowned parody of mohawk hairdo, he would actually really look like Chase from House MD.
MÍŠA is one of those guys you have to like, just because they seem to like you too - in the most innocent way. He looks like he cares and listens, and has a girlfriend, so its all pretty safe when it comes to any contact.
JONÁŠ is obnoxiously perfect, if you know what I mean. Clever, witty, nice, gorgeous, stylish and smiles even with a sprained ankle. Wow. With cca 8 girls twirling around him at all times and all places, you have basically no chance
to talk to him without feeling like "omg, now I have got 5 minutes to show him I am better than all those other gals!". I think Sandy has a little crush on him, but once again, who doesn't.
MÍRA himself was pretty charmed by Jonáš. Apart from that /lol/ he's a very "friendly" guy. Or, a guy who likes to have girl friends. Not girlfriends. I actually have problems with such blokes for I don't believe in inter-sexual friendships. I like his eyes.
PRÁVNÍK is 4 years older than my average classmate and you CAN notice. Still, he rocks on the dancefloor. Pretty much like..
PAN OBŘÍZKA, who /I bet you can already tell/ is a person who doesn't really possess the art of stopping talking when it comes to
 information you didn't need to hear. 

Monday, July 7, 2008

Je to nedostatečný

Používat cizí jazyk, ne? Jakože - řeknete, co chcete, ale kde je ten slastnej pocit, že jste se vyřvali? Nebo jistota, že každému dojde vaše hlubokomyslné filozofické sdělení?

Takže se mi teď chvíli nechce psát mým seknd lengvidžem, ale ne proto, že mi došlo, že vypadám jako nějakej namyšlenej anglofil, ale proto, že rodnej jazyk máte /většina z vás/ prostě jen jeden. Já taky.

Ostatně jestli se mi podaří zprovoznit vlastní stránky, možná se na ně komplet přestěhuju, a tam bych ráda měla místo pro svoje slovní průjmy.

Rock for People. Určitě skvělej zážitek kterej jen tak z hlavy nedostanu, i když mi prej "ztratili formulář k akreditaci". Tatabojs a Massive Attack udělali nejlepší show a Kaiser Chiefs.. Kaiser Chiefs jsou, jak říká můj velmi blízký přítel a budoucí manžel Jirka, přece taky jenom lidi. No fakt. Už to nejsou ty sexy kluci z plakátu, už to je jen banda úplně normálních anglánů. Teda samozřejmě hlavně Nick je pořád mistr popu /i když Vondráček prohodil něco o vagónu plnym brambor/ a neodpustila jsem si sáhnout na Rickyho zpocenou mokrou britskobledou paži. Taky jsem přehodnotila svůj fangirl žebříček sympatií, protože bylo příliš zjevné, že Ricky 
má klasicky zpěvákovskou attitude, takže teď tajně po nocích kreslím portréty Peanuta. Ale 
jakože jen tak nevinně. Žejo.

Lidi. Myslím, že dnešní společnost přeceňuje úlohu přátel v neprospěch rodiny. Samozřejmě, 
že pokud vás osud nepožehnal tou ideální nukleární rodinou, musíte čekat až na svojí vlastní /prokreace rekreace/. Chris Martin tvrdí, že když nemáte svoji bandu, tak to s váma půjde do 
háje, a na tom taky něco je, jenom bych řekla, že je potřeba brát svojí rodinu taky jako součást 
té své bandy. 

Což mě ne úplně oslím můstkem dostává k mlhavé vzpomínce na některé lidi, kterým nestojím ani za kva, ale vlastně mě to u nich nepřekvapuje.
O to víc si pak musím vážit té svojí bandy, do které vedle mých nukleárních patří i Kamil, Jirka, Karin a Soc, protože až na jednu vyjímku jsou to lidi, kterým jsem stála za několik let poměrně blízkých kontaktů.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Oh Kay

I've got a job!

A part-time job.

Not fabulously paid, too.

But I love it .) I get to make all those cappucinos, frappucinos, pina coladas and stuff, I can steal the coffee biscuits and have the latte milk foam without the actual coffee.
I work there two/three times a week, so its not THAT easy to catch me up in there, but if you want a presso with extra bisquit and my hair in it, just ask and I'll gladly tell you which days I am at my work.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Hell yeah

Woohoo. So. What else can I say. Just try and focus on no. 20.
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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I wish I had...

..studied at least a tiny bit before my entrance tests for journalism which I have had this morning - still, it was fun.

The test itself was quick and not as homicidically stressful as the Scios, yet it still made me fall off the little FSV's aula table all the time.

The main thing is - I am in love. With PhDr. Jan Křeček, who teaches at the Media Studies (where I have no chances by now) catedra. He came to the place on his motorcycle, in a black Clash shirt, looking steaming hot, but still having this italian-american-actor-ish all-time sad look. (Spike has it as well, but he doesn't drive 'cycles)

Here he is making some important speech on media. --->

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Information Bulletin I

Oh, sweet reminiscence.

Random picture for a random post. At least it is my picture. I am saying a little quiet goodbye to my old picturetakingmachine, aka the old Kodak which lived with me for looong 5 years, taking mostly ego-wanker-ish pictures for eeeeevil community servers (let's not name exact ones) .
I am switching to Nikon D40, a low-end DSLR with lame 6mpx (I could give 4 000 more for the next model with 10, but WHY?) but lovely pics and great handling - Julie has this one and I just LOVE stealing it and filling her SD card with my crap. I dont think I will produce any artsy supercool stuff, but I will have a thing to cling to on boring social events. Go me.

Anyways. Right now, I am trying (obsessively) to get a job. I am also generating some (at this point unusable) designs for the Prostitutes, don't want to do it two days before the deadline (which I have not, but.. u know) - this is /like/ serious, duh. Getting a new tablet, hope it will improve my leet skills ten times - those Wacoms are so bloody expensive I hope you just grab the pen and it draws like Kája Saudek instantly.

I am looking forward to the next ep. of Grey's Anatomy. I was intentionally ignoring that show for so long that I am getting a little fanatic about it now (now when the season III House ended). That cutey O'Mully (or whatever the spelling is) dates this awesomely gorgeous plump doctor and it just..

I wonder, if I were on a doctor show, what character would I be? A neurosurgeon obsessed with sex? Sex with young medical students? Eeew, i guess everyone would be scaaaared of me.
OR , I could be that med student. Emotionally sticking to every hot (at least hotTER) patient going through my hands/stetoscope.
Julie would be a technically good, yet too non-emotive doctor.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Goodbye, sweetheart, it's time to go

I wanna do so many things right now. Create a theatre company aaaand open a design e-shop aaaand travel round the world aaaand record an album .D

By the way: 1,2,3,3 (I suck)

And the picture up there, that's Blahoťák' s pan of brownies. I thought it kinda mirrored my feelings .D

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Back to the basics

There's hardly anything better than 2-D japanese gay guys. Youka Nitta ("Haru wo Dateita") is a genius mangaka, although not that brilliant story writer. Sanami Matoh ("Fake") on the other hand is a great great writer and a pretty good graphic artist, too. I liked her when i was younger, probably cause its more fun than just sex and sex again, but now I just stick to Nitta's monothematic fluff man2man action.

This whole maturita thing may seem to drive me nuts, but believe me, I was into yaoi when I was 13 and I will always be. I have already written three complete concepts of my own 4 % comics, but I just dont have the nerves to draw it all. (Even though that Carl-Barat-y character doing it with the Ricky-Wilson-y character was more than a pleasant picture)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

...I'm so emo it makes me cry

Once again.

My existencialist burnout syndrome brought by postmodern society!

Who cares.

I feel little, lost, false and attentionless.

Something tells me I shouldn't post my emotional diaorrheas here, but where else?
Ad universities, I have picked wrong wrong wrong ones. Faculties full of carreer craving intellectual transformers. But yes, it is also cause they kicked me out from those who were not.
Ad friends... well... what kind of person am i when i am just constantly jealous of them.
Ad me... I wanna get out.. somewhere far. Not like Ulanbatar-far, but at least England-far. You kno. Work in a hostel. Not bothering anyone. Would be coolness.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Podělusy vol. II

Heh. Teda řeknu vám, že pokud je vaše první asociace na štípání dřeva "Jarmark Marnosti" (napsal ho přeci pan "Sekery") , Hálkovy hry si připomínáte přes knížete pornofolku a místo tabletek pro řidiče TIRáků (zn. Confit) si nabízíte Machara (sb. Confiteor), tak to už vážně může znamenat jen dvě věci - buď to začínáte umět, nebo vám prostě jen hrabe.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

On Hiatus

(no real point of this pseudo Emil Holub here - i just love art. You know. Posh art. Really valuable, original art.)

From tomorrow its exactly 1 month (4 weeks) to the maturitas (or banana, but that's an inside joke)

I have this chart where i make stars that symbolize the amount of stuff i know from each question and so far this chart looks like a total wasteland. But I am off to Podělusy once again and I hope it will be as productive as the last time - I just gotta get more coffee somewhere on my way there. Lot of coffee. Oh yeah.

Basically I wanted to say I don't have time and I don't want to see anyone since he's going to teach me the EU structure or modern philosophy or avantgarde poets. It's not that I would be doing some serious study instead of possible hangouts with anyone. Um. I know I know, other people manage to study AND hang out with sexy mods AND take pictures AND be loved by all. Not me. Not me.

I have lots of things I want to do after the banana, so I swear I won't be this boring then.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Parisian Bum

Le clochard parisien
(or what kind of poetry can a person who's just seen the grammar rules of French for the first time produce)

je reste,
attendu que quelque advenira
et ensuite,
ouïs une haleine
-périodique et rapide-
ressentis le en mon gorge
est possible qu'le es tu
et je demande:
suis-je fou?
suis-je amoureux?
Et tu?
allons-y acheter une bouteille de vin
et faire l'amour toute la nuit

Friday, April 4, 2008

And after all, life is still worth living

I don't really have anything to say as far as verbal communication is concerned.

I just feel like lot of people care about things that are worthless in comparison to life itself, life which cost loads of slimey creatures their aquatic life when they were left on the land by high tide.

And the greatest art of all is the art of living.

And the art of limiting the number of clichés on one's blog.

Thanks July for her great pics from Podelusy where we had a very intensive geography weekend with oceans of coffee and litres of killer-hot korean noodles. I loved it.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

And the moral is:

Dating musicians is wrong.

At least that's what Control made me be sure of.

I know i may be a lil retarded, seeing it yesterday, but I really really wanted to see it on the big screen WITH someone who would enjoy. And - that happened! my friend Michal was tapping his fingers in the rhythm just as I did, not mentioning the moment when Love will tear us apart started. He laughs like awfully dubbed Dolph Lundgren in one of his 80s movies, which amuses me.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


V rámci multilinguálnosti tohoto blogu... ne.. lžu .D v rámci toho, aby to bylo každýmu NAPROSTO JASNÝ:

Kdokoli mě protlačí na Rock for People do zákulisí za Kaiser Chiefs aspoň na rozhovor pro u mě má.. cokoli! Grafiku, text, dohození nejlepší kamarádky, zvrhlý sex. Cokoli. Koneckonců vám třeba můžu i slíbit, že se vám nikdy nepokusím rozbít stávající vztah .D Sakra, to už je spíš vydírání.

Tuto fotku jsem při stažení na svůj disk nazvala "Tyvole, čum na Kaki!".

Měli byste mi umožnit setkat se se člověkem, který mě přesvědčil, že bubeníci nejsou odsouzeni k tomu být roboty ve tmě bez vlivu, a se člověkem, který mě přesvědčil, že bledí zrzaví chlapi v červeném obleku, ze kterého je pokud možno vidět jejich (erotický) bílý podbřišek, jsou ztělesněním dokonalosti.

Monday, March 10, 2008


Had 88 % at the CAE barrier tests. Oh I am SOOO awesome! I have to admit I did not expect it for I feel that my english skills are falling apart since we've got an american teacher.

The pity is I've passed it two times already but never have been able to get money for the actual exam.


A least my ego's boosted.


I found out that I do not dislike people in general - I am just tired with the ones I spend my time with. Or the ones I used to spend my time with and they just don't give a damn anymore.

This weekend was surprisingly full of new people, Irishmen and Moravians. Both of these are extremely social and open-minded nations, not that I would build my opinion on these single meetings, but when I look back on all people of Moravia or Ireland I've ever known I have to say they have never been unpolite or unfriendly.

One of the guys from Hranice is a techno-craving, car-loving IT technician - nevertheless I feel kinda infatuated. He was sweet. AND hot (AND would be a nice piece for my Destroyer-lookalikes collection).

Anyways, I have to admit, this weekend I enjoyed people. It is a looong time since I did. Sorry to all people I didn't enjoy that much (my lil bro, my ex-gf, the best ex-bf so far) or to the ones I've made trouble with my misanthropic attitude (Karin).

Monday, February 25, 2008

I <3 those two day stubbles

I am afraid I've grown this scary little obsession with dr. House.

On the other hand, I love obsessions! Obsessions make my life all exciting and fun and foremost happy! Let's all be obsessed! Let's go and do a House roleplay! Ooooh... lemme be Cuddy, lemme be Cuddyyyyyyy pleeeeease! Or Wilson or Wilson! (Or basically anyone except Cameron. She sucks. And I am pretty jealous of her .D She kissed both House and Chase! That immunologist bitch.)

Behold! My House scrapbook sheet:

And duh, of course he's wearing nothing but the stethoscope.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I hate the showbiz

..but I miss it.

Played with the Fake Tapes again today - it surely is not what it used to be, but I love the freedom I have playing synth and not drums or, basically, anything else. I have enough time to just dance around and write down everything that comes to my mind. Adam seems pretty enthusiastic about me guesting, while I don't remember when i've got to play on stage for the last time, so I am kinda ... happy... about all this, too.

Um.. nothing else to say. I'll back off to my dark chambers and study. Or I will act I am doing so.

Andrzej pissed me off, but I guess it is partly my fault. Which makes it less sad, at least .P

He sounds like Chris Corner on the Splinter album.

Friday, February 15, 2008


Muchos saludos compaňeros! Todo esto inglés parece un poco aburrido y ordinario - por eso decidia a usar espaňol en cambio. No soy muy brillante, verdaderamente. Pero pensaba que un post en mi blog en espaňol es no una idea mal.
Realmente, no tengo aun una idea más pequeňa de gramática correcta, así tengo que disculparse.
Y tú, alguien?

No siento como haciendo cualqier cosa. Estoy sentando y mirando Los Informaticos. Roy no es tan vistoso en espaňol como él es en inglés. Y soy dibujando. He dibujado una ilustración de un cuento de E. A. Poe - "Eleonora". Pienso que había tenido a estar fascinado con el título. Y, por supuesto, la Eleonora en mi dibujo ha sido inspirado de la sola persona de este nombre yo conozco. Lo considero como muy bueno. Soy ingenio. A veces.

Una cosa triste sobre escribiendo en espaňol es que lo roba muuuuchoooo tiempo. Pues, estimo que soy simplemente RETARDADO con cualquier idioma excepto inglés.

Espero el ensayo con Los Fakes Tapes! Chico tiene mi (es CASI mío) Yamaha en su sitio - lo quieroooo (la Yamaha, no Chico).

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Heart of Glass

so, basically, st. Valentine's day sucks and hating it sucks maybe even more, thus leaving me no proper opinion I could stuck to without sucking too.

I feel rather relaxed though. I guess I am getting more immune to all the last-year-of-highschool chaos. I am getting used to being single and I also can't really complain when it comes to people around me, cause the lack of any ambitions right now gets me rid of all the hate and envy and bursts of unhealthy competitiveness. My only little ambition revolves around art, so I tend to be a little hateful towards that guy who made it to graphic design in Plzen, but as soon as he's gone and far away I doubt this will bother me anymore.
I am such a loooovelyyyy person. I start to question if this is really me.

But this is me. I've got the heart thingie from Karin and I just totally love her for the way she gave it to me - just slipped it into my coat pocket, so I discovered it when I was leaving school - I was like "what the h... oh wow".

Monday, February 4, 2008

Do the Hustle!

My fave step is the "chicken".

Thursday, January 31, 2008


As far as art is concerned, I am not really enthusiastic right now, having to make it "only one of my hobbies" again.

Yet still I am not completely creatively dead.

This was a school assignment for the graphics seminar. The prof didn't get it anyway.

Me having a romantic mood. And a silly-LOTR-obsessed mood, obviously, too.

This was an assignment to Zlin for a change .D They probably thought it sucked, but I love it .D And I've learnt so much about the environment .P

Sunday, January 27, 2008


1) Compared to the UNIVERSE (gorgeous), does anything except having a family make any greater sense?

2) I have my own little Craig Parker renaissance. From the very moment the mug with his photo I've got for my 14th B-day accompanied me to mock maturita and comissionals from math I felt like I've got someone to stick to without making an asshole out of myself. Alright, he's 37 and he lives on the other side of Earth, but compared to the UNIVERSE, it's just a step.
For you unfamiliar with mr. Parker, he's a soap opera kiwi actor who's become popular via his 1 minute role in first two LOTR flicks, which proves his killer charm.
He was my imaginary boyfriend all through 8th nd 9th grade (Julie dated Karl Urban and Soc had Viggo Mortensen, who I still tend to see as "my old friend"). Retrospectively it was one of the happy moments in my lovelife. Craig, I want you back! .D

As soon as he plays in any theatre play again, I am SO off to NZ. To pick kiwi fruit or wash dishes. I will do anything.

3) Julie's started blogging again. Not sure if her only blog tags "study" "poetry" and "thoughts" sound any appealing to ya, but just.. check it out.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Too down for a header

Where the hell are all the things that used to make me happy?

OK, I still have the BBC's Space series with Sam Neill - everyone who's seen the Event Horizon knows that SAM NEILL IS EEEEVIL .D On the other hand, for some reason men talking about the space and astrophysics turn me on big time!

Duh, Sam Neill doesn't know a shit bout what's going on in supermassive black holes!
Everything is so fake!

Friday, January 18, 2008


I did not make it to the second round.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bipolar Disorder

I assume lot of people can go from "I wanna hurt myself" to "life is great" in one night, right?

Anyways, I haven't written anything serious and worthwile in an eon. It's not that I would be leading a dull life, on the contrary, just to point out the best moments, I have been to Zlin few days ago and I have tried to get Adam Benda once again (oh, was it the 3rd time? or 4th already?).

For the pleasure of your eye, take a look on the charming city I would love to live in XD

All right. Now seriously. This school would make me wanna live in Cernobyl.

And if the economical college in Prague had the Space Invaders printed on the windows, I would wanna gain a degree there. Unfortunately, it has not.

I wanna feel you from the inside

Something in my head has an urge to sing NIN's Closer all the time. Yet starting with "I wanna fuck you like an animal, I wanna feel you from the inside" is surprisingly socially.. improper.

Trent is such a glorious reminiscence of my almost forgotten 7th grader taste in men. I can't remember when I really fancied someone like him for the last time, which is weird, for I used to be MAD for these skinny (why the hell?!?) , dark, long-haired bad guys.

But now.. NOW I've got to post this lil shrine to mr. Reznor, who surely wants to fuck me like an animal (I know, feels kinda rude when written, but when Reznor sings it, it feels R I G H T) (and almost trustworthy)

Thursday, January 3, 2008


No resolutions this year.

I have so much to achieve that it's basically pretty much unreal to want me to just run through the whole january-june period and collect all the trophys.
First, UTB and VSUP exams (half january, 4th of february), probably our first gig with the nameless (not my fault that Karin still bitches about the V.Pitchka name, it wasn't meant as an insult, it just popped up in a random conversation.), maturitas and then very likely other batch of exams for FSV and FHS and probably UTB again.


Well, if it won't work out, I'll probably just take some savings and travel and work a lil bit. I was just thinking about New York. Although I was always somewhat into the northern cities, Chicago, or mayybe Austin, TX.

God. Gotta relax a bit with the pics of seminaked kvinta A. Got these from Bara. She's electric.

Pretty sad that this is like the only fun i get, generally.