Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Oh Kay

I've got a job!

A part-time job.

Not fabulously paid, too.

But I love it .) I get to make all those cappucinos, frappucinos, pina coladas and stuff, I can steal the coffee biscuits and have the latte milk foam without the actual coffee.
I work there two/three times a week, so its not THAT easy to catch me up in there, but if you want a presso with extra bisquit and my hair in it, just ask and I'll gladly tell you which days I am at my work.

1 comment:

Oscar said...

Yeah i would like to know when you work there actually. On what days and from what time to what time. Could you tell me please?

And btw getting extra cookies is nice and having your hair too because i could use them to think of you when i'm gone :) Damn i wanna go to the Czech rep.