Wednesday, February 28, 2007

There's something I like about the word Zeppelinfeld

First, reminds me of Led Zeppelin, second, one really special looking music festival is taking place there this June. One old friend has thanksfully drawn my attention to it, with an offer if I'd like to join him there... just take a look on the poster and guess once what my answer was:

I am totally willing to invest to this thing, unless at least three of the bands I love are going to play on czech fest, then I would probably spend it here. But Arctic Monkeys live?! Kaiser Chiefs /I predict a riot dance??/? Mando Diao? White Stripes? Kooks? Hives? And best of all - MUSE!!! Extatic.

I hope you're all joining me next week on OmskáFest. Well, has less great names than the one mentioned higher, but still, you should go see Ufajr now when the tickets don't cost you fortune. >.> You know, they're going to be famous one day. Unlike Big Cheese. Oh how I hate that name.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Exciting news indeed XD

I have just found out our english teacher is exgirlfriend of Arcade Fire's keyboard player!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Let's get Velvet

Music club Velvet has become kind of our "home club". I guess we had as many gigs in single Velvet than in all the other ones - just like Ufajr plays at Slamník or Skalená TreSka at Mlejn. The difference is, both of these clubs are pretty -um- rock-ish and pub-style-ish, while Velvet used to be /and probably still sometimes is/ a strip bar. That explains the two poles on the stage. I always thought they don't have any practical use.

But it's nice and clean inside, has pretty backstage /though Mlejn backstage is great and the one at Prosek too/ and we play there today, so if anyone's interested, you can join the cultural massacre. I am anxious myself what is it going to be like tonight - some people I hardly know told me they'd come and we have one new song, which is most probably going to get screwed, but that's the initiation ritual of every song - once it gets screwed, it will be always easy to play it on the next gigs. I like it v.m., only if it didn't had that emo lyrics /written by some friend of Adam's/. I have to write some.

By the way, Adam was pretty obnoxious yesterday, thanksfully I had such a brilliant mood he couldn't spoil it. Doesn't happen every day!!

Friday, February 23, 2007

This is just not funny anymore.

They told it to my father and I always thought - hey, what's wrong with little quoting from
movies and great series? But people, I am getting tired of this myself. And actually not only myself! I was discussing it with some mates of mine with which I share some friends and they see it the same way.

When you're unable to speak to others because their language is made of movie quotes, you shall not feel like crap, just because YOU actually speak with YOUR OWN sentences. See? I will probably never change the sense of humour some of my friends tend to use, but let's say I don't want to use it anymore. imho it's just poor. Go and memorize some useful stuff. And don't be surprised when people want to run away from your parties.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Eye Candy

Oh yes. Let's just roll into a little cozy cocoon once again and not care about the real people, bah.

I like it and enjoy it, to stop thinking about the folks surrounding me and live something between a pathetic fantasy, surreal poet's world and egomaniac's kingdom.

I recently found some hollywood guys who would fit into my unreal world perfectly, althought they are american, what's worse, american ACTORS. They're not even rockers! I must be going through some kind of degeneration.

First - Jason Schwartzman. Ta-dah! I wonder... it has to be his hair, sleek, dark, semi-long, aaaw. Severusness.

Second... here comes Adam Brody. Heck, I'd NEVER watch O.C. if my mom and sis didn't want to. But it's inevitable, I wake up on saturday morning, sit down to have breakfast and... here it is. 21st century's Beverly Hills. But! Beverly Hills did not have Adam Brody. I've loved his tiny little appearance in Thank you for smoking.

How much more awful can I become? XD

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It's that weird mood.

You know - when you crave for romance, not exactly hollywood story romance, but at least some kind of independent movie weirdo love.

This used to be so easy. I went out with someone and pretended it is like that. Now that I know dating with someone just for his looks or brains or whatever, but not for the actual compatibility with me, is terribly wrong, I tend to lose hope. Does someone who is at least a bit like me exist out there? And if he does, would he care a bit bout me?

Eew, this sounds even more disgusting than the fact it is speaking of is.

I am kind of a lone wolf, and if I was just let that way, I could probably be perfectly content, but since I have to go to school, listen to my mates babbling all day about their own personal life, who's dating who, who hates who, it obviously makes me a bit schizophreniac. aaaall riight.

Partying my common sense off

Holiday lifestyle this year looks like this:
  • I watch movies. I mean good movies. the Royal Tenenbaums, the Shining, Shadow of the vampire, Thank you for Smoking... aaaw. nice ones.
  • Visiting private parties and letting myself go. Well, compared to what I had been doing during last years on parties like these, I think I was pretty ok last two nights. I have even written a poem during my absinthe trip XD
  • Sport! No, I mean... although I am pretty down physically from all the fun and glamorous Red Dwarf society /actually at the last party, we listened to jazz. /, I still happen to find some last bits of energy to work off this bohemian style.
I need some proper guy.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Talking 'bout Telecasters...

Sure. I have no money at this moment, but I plan... to.. get some.. somewhere.. someway! The problem is, it's not just the guitar, it's also all the stuff around. And after some thinking I've decided not to get that set box, although it may be economic. I need something like THIS:

Nice one, isn't she? It's from the cheaper sort of tele's, but it's Squier, much better than Stagg /YES. it IS better/

Of course, while browsing through the e-shops I found many others I like, but I just cannot even think of buying them. Damn.

Spring break!

Oooh today was my last day at school before the spring break... what a relief...

Anyway... I don't really have anything to write about in this not very meaningful post.

Maxim is the most hilarious mag around here.

World according to Garp is a shitty movie. Go read the book.

Why is every girly magazine filled with PETE DOHERTY? He's just EVERYWHERE. Pete here, Pete there, oh look at him, he dates Kate Moss and does cocaine, so cool. Although I have to admit both Pete and Kate've become much more pleasant in my view since I've started listening to the Libertines. so basically, I would have no prob with Pete. My problem is they never show any pics of CARL. suckers.

I want a telecaster. Oh I know I've always said they're awful. I am probably just a manipulated teenager. Telecasters are so alternative yet so classic!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

............... geez

"Falling Away With You" (Muse)

i can't remember when it was good
moments of happiness elude
maybe i just misunderstood

all of the love we left behind
watching the flash backs intertwine
memories i will never find

so i'll love whatever you become
and forget the reckless things we've done
i think our lives have just begun
i think our lives have just begun

and i feel my world crumbling
I feel my life crumbling
i feel my soul crumbling away
and falling away
falling away with you

staying awake to chase a dream
tasting the air you're breathing in
i know i won't forget a thing

promise to hold you close and pray
watching the fantasies decay
nothing will ever stay the same

all of the love we threw away
all of the hopes we cherished fade
making the same mistakes again
making the same mistakes again

i can feel my world crumbling
i can feel my life crumbling
i can feel my soul crumbling away
and falling away
falling away with you

all of the love we've left behind
watching the flash backs intertwine
memories i will never find
memories i will never find

Damn Adam. You just don't get a thing.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I swear I won't spoil these.

Caught some other Horáček's lyrics. No translations. Thanks god. After all, most of the readers /grand total of, um, three?/ are czechs.

Nemůžeš usnout III

Nemůžeš usnout, to ani já ne
měsíc jak anděl na nebi plane
zdá se, že šeptá
tato noc panen
zvedá závoj zpovědnic,
cokoliv teď můžeš říct

mám se snad přiznat k věčnému přání
vyčíst svůj osud z čar ve tvé dlani
zpověď tak leda pro pousmání
jako vzkazy z pohlednic
tak to přeci nejde říct

skutečná přání jsou jen ta skrytá
v těch nejskrytějších vedle mě spí ta
pevná jak věže svatého Víta
křehká jako světla svic
tak já nevím, mám to říct?
Chtěl bych se svěřit s tím, že mě drtí
práce jak želva, příjmy jak chrti
nízký břeh stáří, mocný tón smrti
o tom jak mu šlapu vstříc
tobě lásko chtěl bych říct

První noc v novém bytě

První noc v novém bytě
co se ti asi zdálo?
Svíralas křížek z mědi
až mě to polekalo

Já vím, že máme málo
jen stůl a v láhvi chvojí
stůl, co nás rozděluje
zároveň nás spojí

První noc v novém bytě
jak mince ošoupaná
blýskl se v okně měsíc
padne lev, nebo panna?

Šance je vyrovnaná
a věru jenom dvojí
buďto se rozdělíme
nebo nás něco spojí

První noc v novém bytě
plachá jak stádo klisen
jen těm co nedýchají
prý osud vyjeví se

Tehdy jsem zaslech píseň
z úst smrti na orloji
všechno vás rozděluje
jen láska možná spojí

Guard of the flame

I was waiting so long for the new Hapka + Horáček album and when it finally came out it took me awfully long till I got it.
But it IS beautiful. Horáček is my favourite contemporary poet and Hapka's music suits it, although it may hang on the edge of cliché. The only problem is I am not such a good translator to even try and post something here. I also do believe that translated poem is like a new one, just inspired by the original, so translated ones might be beautiful as well, but they're not IT.

Anyways, I couldn't find any lyrics on the net, so I had to catch my favourite pieces of them and post them here.

Kdo by se díval nazpátek

A knohám sochy otce vlasti
si přisedají holubi
a blázen v plášti naruby
snad pod tím pláštěm kosti chrastí
snad ten chlap spadl do prospasti
jakou je láska nebo vztek
teď však má v očích příliš slunce
než by se díval nazpátek

plášť naruby a všude peří
vím kdo se takhle převléká
to ty se vracíš zdaleka
a zdráháš se jít k vlastním dveřím
a ptáš se, co když neuvěřím
žes hledal na svou úzkost lék
tak dobře, čekej, třeba řeknu
kdo by se díval nazpátek

(And to the feet of father of the nation
the pidgeons come to sit
and a lunatic in a coat inside out
maybe shattering bones under it
maybe he fell into an abyss
like love or rage is
but now his eyes are too full of sun
to look back

The coat inside out and feathers all around
I know ho dresses this way
it's you coming from the distance
and you hesitate if to go to your own door
and you ask, what if I do not believe
you've been seeking for your distress remedy
oh wait, maybe I am gonna say:
"who would look back after all?" )

(So sorry for the translation. I hate it .D )

Gone Stripey

Woo hoo finally even I can proudly wear stripes. But who other made his stripes himself, huh? I rule.
Even with the Libertines line down on the tee. Full view pleeeeze!

The archive gold

Sometimes one gets to stuff like this

and he's glad he doesn't actually delete much files, even when he really has to.

Monday, February 12, 2007

This is starting to be really improper..!! vol. 2

All this fantasizing resulted in me finding myself browsing through WEDDING websites. This is obviously starting to be serious. There may not be everything completely okay w/ me.
But! I can't spoil this childish fun. Let's post the ones I'd love to wear while becominc Mrs. Ratzka, Mrs. Barat, Mrs. Casablancas, Mrs. Macozsek /oh no, he would make a crappy husband. emo./ Mrs. Žák /our physics teacher/, Mrs. Ondrak /I swore so/ or Mrs. that-mysterious-guy-from-kvinta.

This is starting to be really improper..!!

Not going to school today and staring at pics of Carl and Julian instead is starting to return me into that good old days when I wrote 70 pages of awful LOTR fanfiction where I dated Craig Parker, while my friend Soc banged w/ Viggo Mortensen, eventually marrying him. In the end even July had some minor love affair with Karl Urban.
Some year or two later, July herself /the ORLs guitarist/ wrote a great fic bout Queen, me with Roger, she with Brian, my fav part was when I had sex with Brian during their Japanese tour. Eeeew, i know, a total Eeeew.

Today my blurry vision finally got the sharp edges. It comes like this:

I, a niece of Matt Bellamy of Muse, which is not important, come to live in London with this part of my family. On some high music society party I meet Julian Casablancas - we talk and drink, we find out we have lot in common. We become great friends, but nothing more - it works out perfectly. Until he introduces me to Carl Barat. I end up in Carl's bed the very night and start to date him. Julian basically stops talking to me, except sometimes we hang out to have a drink. While getting home from a party, me and Carl, we stop at the Primrose hill in London and he proposes to me. At first I don't believe him and call him liar, but then I say Yesss .D /oooh, I'll go to hell for this clichés/
When Jules gets to know this, he locks himself in his New york flat and doesn't come out for days. So I marry Carl, though knowing my best pal Jules' not there spoils my mood. Some time later his bandmates call me that he's in the hospital, for he totally wasted himself so they had to put him there for some time. When I visit him, he tells me all the history - how he wished we could be more than friends from the very start.
We start to talk again after he's back into normal life, though it's a bit awkward. Continuously we become pals for the second time, especially when Carl's too busy and I have free time - we party together, drink together, stuff.. One night Carl comes home drunk and kicks Jules out, shouting at me in a stroke of jealousy, we cry at each other, throwing things and in the end he even uses some violence on me, for I say some not really very nice stuff, ahem. I get nothing broken, but I am bruised all over my body, some bloody places too. I leave all my stuff at his place and take a cab to Jules' London flat, of which I do have keys for some time already. I get in and after finding out noones' around I lay down on the sofa. He gets home and leaves the lights off, so he doesn't realize someone's at his home. When he does, he just finds me sleeping, takes me in his arms and carries me into the bedroom. There he lies down next to me, stroking my hair and cleaning the blood off of my face gently. He's worried, a LOT. When I wake up, we give each other a long, tight hug. After looking into his eyes, I kiss him, then more. He tries to put up the strap of my top, but I tell him to let it like that. He slowly unbuttons the top..

Hey you know the only way this could continue in my cliché-ish mind. Eew. It actually doesn't have a real end already. I'll inform you. Later.

Cumpleaňos Feliz, seňor Csabba!

Csabba Csabba Csabba
you're an old fart now
and maybe your facial hair
will finally start to grow

/that's actually only a graphic poem, for it does not rhyme when read out loud/

Csabba Csabba Csabba
you and your so-cool bass
I hope you'll never leave us
or run 'way without a trace

/sounds like a kindergarden kid's average work/

Csabba Csabba Csabba
don't care bout your luck with girls
though it may seem to not exist
it 's not the worst possible curse

/I´m only warming up/

Csabba Csabba Csabba
well I know your english sucks
so this verses can suck too
I'll make you sure they rock

Csabba Csabba Csabba
you and four strings of yours
for someone maybe insufficient
I think it could be worse

Csabba Csabba Csabba
don't care they say you're lame
cause even if you really were
we're actually the same

Csabba Csabba Csabba
the best bassist around
I bet he must have sold his soul
to get this awesome sound

Csabba Csabba Csabba
forgive me for this thing
my ego thought I am a poet
but suckers - I'm their king

Csabba Csabba Csabba
finally this horror ends
it might not 've been a piece of art
but it was a gift from friends!

HAPPY 19th B-DAY! ♥

Pop-music at its best

This guy is the no.1 pop artist in Czech Republic .D Sorry guys, had to mention him here, for no czech music gives me such a mood boost - pity the only vid on youtube featuring Michal David's music is THIS ONE.

I'm just a jealous guy...

Awful thing, this jealousy. I have to do something with it, seriously. But you know, when you're never jealous, other become suspicious - do they after all mean anything to you, if you look like you don't care what are they doing and with WHOM?

I just never find the balance. I can be either too jealous or too impersonal, uninterested, which looks like I don't care. I am just a sick person, can't you see? But it bothers me - Adam promised he'd put my picture up on his LST account a zillion days ago - of course he just replaced the picture of his various girlfriends thousand times, but noone really cares about friends anymore, right?

omg, he doesn't deserve this, I know. Had to let it out. I'm a bad person. Woo hoo.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Big! Cheese!

No, I am NOT a fan of ours. Though I would maybe be if I weren't member of BC. Adam's too charismatic to let people completely uninterested.

Buuut! Some of our fans really kick ass. I really like two of them, in a way that includes respect for their music /and overall, too/ taste, so their existence kinda makes me believe in our own future a lil bit more.

The first one is Honza, younger /lot younger/ than me, but I adore him. Totally. His personality, his interests, he's just brilliant. Has a photo of Vaclav Havel above his bed.

The second one is Čistírna /damn, you can't want me to remember his real name/, the most indie fan of BC, which I can prove with this pic:

I had sorta crush on him, like a minor one, and maybe I still do, but he told me to save it for the next time we see each other. hah. I know he's not interested, so no prob. XD The main thing is that he likes Libertines... Muse.... DPT... Bloc Party.... aaaaaaaaaaw.

What a poser

Oh yeeeeessss I suck .D

But still, I like this bad pic of myself. It has that.. something... I like in pics of people.

Caught my own soul

It was just leaving! Didn't even say goodbye.

Like no kidding chaps, I just tried to take a picture of Al trying to get down of this pretty tree we've met on the kiddie playground... at night... w/ some alcohol.. ok, but it's not a cigarette smoke and what else could it be, eh?

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Festivals, oh really?

Adam (the guitarist, one day you just WILL remember) keeps on believing that this summer we're gonna play at some...ahem... festivals. Sure, I'd love to, but I doubt that's a realistic idea. Nice though.

But I have this cool plan for next summer - which is gonna have some three months, that's a plus - I will contact a band and we'll change drummer! Bwahaha. I will probably survive without London this summer /I will have to, sadly/, but the next year is gonna be MINE! So the english drummer can play w/ Big Cheese for a few months and I can play with his band in London or somewhere around.

Oh man, that would rock, wouldn't it? I think next year I'll have enough self-confidence for such a risky yet ubercool business.

Boys from the band would kill me if they knew.

But in the case of me not being w/ BC next year /well, maturita and university exams are gonna be tough stuff/ , it will be easy. Just browsing through NME web... I was doing that a while ago and there are LOT of drummerless bands, although some of them sound too professional for me, on the other hand 90% of them play stuff like Strokes, Libertines, Oasis... HEAVEN ON EARTH, THIS LONDON!

I may be optimistic

...but some people just constantly piss me off.

  1. Generally everyone of the name David - show me any David who's not an asshole and I'll add "with some exceptions" later.
  2. The young musicians rehearsing at school, who keep destroying my kit. If I am ever getting to know who did it, he'll suffer.
  3. People who say we'll go out on weekend and then just decide not to write me through the whole three days, so I can either think something terrible has happened to them or they've just totally lost any interest in me.
I dunno. I will probably spend the rest of the day sucked on YouTube or getting the carpal tunnel syndrome out of clicking on the Refresh button while staring at Al's blog, waiting if he writes something new. I'm afraid this will erase any motivation to write each other on the IM, for now we just know everything instantly.

It's so nice out there. It's so damn lonely in here. Too early for drinking though. I can just keep fantasizing what would living in London among all these indie lads be.

Looking rough and living strange...

I found myself starting to associate w/ Jules, for unlike Carl, he looks really pretty on only few pics. Then there's load of those which, if I were him, I'd never let published. But I should take an advice from this - maybe it's not that important, right?

Aaaaw I wish Carl was my fucking buddy and Julian my best friend XD geez I suck.

Prove that what I said first was right:

Friday, February 9, 2007

The Indie Madness

-> Al's blog

Calcutta still better than Caracas (awful otorhinolarygologist joke)

And honestly I am happy to see how good he is. Though this is a thing I always knew he would be good at. I am just jealous towards that lady with guitar. /But both me AND my acoustic guitar would tak a double space, so it's understandable. Aesthethics on the first place, right!/

It's in czech, so all you czechs go and enjoy and all you rest stick with my blog and NEVER leave it. At least to find out that I like indie, you had to read at least something!

Good job, Al!


There are more things hot today:

  • Water. We've been suffering from not having any for months! It was just... warm... lately it was simply cold... But thanks to the gifted seňor plumber it exists again in its almost icelandic warmth!! Oooh... I am SO gonna take a long hot bath tonight. With foam and the Killers.
  • Julian Casablancas. Heck I know he's just a fat Carl XD /sorry to all Jules' lovers out there/ /Does that mean that if I was Carl, I would actually be.. Julian?!/!! But this pic lightens my imagination up. And I found it on italian gay server. That's a pro.
  • Cocoa. Made me a large cup. Not a perfect thing from the view of omnipresent wannabe physicians, but hell, we live only once. Being a bohemian is about drinking LARGE cocoas, too. And absinthe. And beer. I'm in a good mood today.

Yay for me!

Future guitarist! I can play the whole thing now! I mean... I remember the chords and although it's slower than original, I am even able to sing with it sometimes... oh my friend you haven't changed, looking rough and living strange.. I bet the neighbours must go nuts from this

Just voted in the NME awards

How comes that in the category "Hero of the year" you can choose Pete or Carl, while in "Villain of the year" is just Pete? .D I've actually voted for Pete in the first one. So I don't wanna hear I am Carl-concerned anymore!
But I really had to vote for Carl in "Best dressed man" and "Sexiest man" /although Matt Bellamy is not that bad/ and for Russel Brand in "Worst dressed", he's weird. Sexiest woman had to be Karen O. Worst album was Robbie's Rudebox and best Muse's Blackholes and Revelations...

Get registered and vote too!!!

Suicide in the Trenches

I knew a simple soldier boy
Who grinned at life in empty joy,
Slept soundly through the lonesome dark,
And whistled early with the lark.
In winter trenches, cowed and glum,
With crumps and lice and lack of rum,
He put a bullet through his brain.
No one spoke of him again.
. . . .
You smug-faced crowds with kindling eye
Who cheer when soldier lads march by,
Sneak home and pray you’ll never know
The hell where youth and laughter go.

I bet this sound familiar to you guys.

Ufajr has announced new gig date!

I knew them before they were popular!

Or not this popular.

Just wait, one day even you will forget all these "The Plurals" and the only poster hanging on your wall will be Ufajr one, of course made by me. Ha!

So, I hope I am allright on march 7th, cause of this:

Weird pairings indeed

I was wondering what would happen if I stopped writing slash 'bout ubercool indie/classic rockers and took some ordinary ppl who live their everyday lives around me instead. I mean, some of them -well, most of them- are musicians, too, so such a freakish homoerotic story would suit them perfectly, I bet!

Fifth/PrAndy - lol, despite the fact PrAndy is almost a head higher than Fifth, he would surely be uke, or the western way, the submissive one. They are both guitarist, so a picture of the two of them alone in the rehearsal room at our school is pretty adequate.

Mik/Al - well, have to say that Mik is a hard nut to crack when it comes to slash, and not just because he would break my nose if I wrote one single sentence of such a literary jewel. It's generally a drummer/lameguitarist pairing, which, in real life, is always the most passionate and somehow fatal. It would start with both sided abomination, followed by finding out their real selves. Aaaah.

Adam Benda/Kolombo - two schoolmates, both the same age as me, kinda outstanding, have to tell you I like them both although I actually know nothing about Kolombo, really. He looks like a metalist. So he could be a musician, lot of people who look you can exactly say what is their music taste like are! U know all these slash stories beginning with the two being great friends... and one or both of them feeling something stronger .D Oh what a classical cliché would this be.

Firenz/Csabba - oh hell yes, I couldn't let my only bandmates (guitar/bass) out of this. Adam /Firenz/ seduces any male in his reach anyway. And Csabba is sooo lonely and desperate right now. This pairing would solve many many things if it was real .D

Me/that mysterious guy - so what, many people say I am more like a guy in a girl's body. And this one really fits more into a slash story than some general heterosexual fic. He's so girly yet still SO indie! Damn. I know. He's just a little Al.

Cathack/Robin- duh, just ANY pairing made among the guys from Ufajr would please my heart. Just look at the drummer Vláďa and bassist Kony, aaaw. /this means these two are a pianist/guitarist pair/. Cathack pops up at Robin's Dejvice flat and tries to look that his only reason was to discuss some new songs, but because he's such a /his words/ broken man machine, he can't stand the pressure and eventually tells him how long he has been his muse. Robin gives him that shy look and is little bit embarassed, but Cathack always gets what he wants! *devilish laugh* This wouldn't be a PG slash.

God. I am such a freak.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

YouTube Highlights Special

Passing through my favorites list, I've decided to post some videos I really love to play again and again - I am sorry I cannot put them right here into The Impropers, some bug in the at-the-first-sight perfectly looking posting system of YouTube.

Robbie Williams - Mr. Bojangles
even the biggest Robbie loathers must at least like this. Outstanding one.

Peter Bjorn and John - Young Folks
So fu*king addictive. I am getting out of it slowly, but I still love the lyrics. Inspirational.

The Libertines - What Became of the Likely Lads
Just like in Sigur Rós' Vidrar Vel Til Loftarasa video, this proves children just touch your sensitive side of self. Just with the difference that these two are mischievous and smoking. The Sigur Rós boys are girly and kissing. And Icelandic. Oh.
This influences me massively when writing. I tend to put smoking kids in EVERYTHING.

Sigur Rós - Viðrar vel til loftárása
Cry, you miserable mortals!!!!

Carl Barat's Toffees
Essential vid for Carlitophiles, or the Russelphiles. Or my friends. I use so many terms I've originally heard on this - nosey little fucker, or the Tupperware Party, for example XD

Dirty Pretty Things - Wondering
The video's nothing special, generally. But I love the song /v.m./ and , what caught my eye on the first sight, although , as I said, it's neither original nor funny /except for you guys having fun of Carl/, but in my mind I've always pictured our own music video just like this. And YES, taking place in London suburb. <3

And she played all night...

till she played her fingertips away.

learnt some eight chords of Don't Look Back into the Sun, it sucks, but since it's my first REAL attempt to start play guitar, I am kinda excited. Even if the whole thing with The ORLs doesn't work out, I'd love to know at least basics. Maybe I could become a singer-songwriter later in my life and be adored by indie people all over the world. Sure, I am gonna be less appreciated than Cathack's creations /you don't know him yet, but I bet you will one day!/, but I am also going to be more popular /and rich, maybe, too. Welcome, NME award!!/.

This is fun. This is just the reason why I made all this up. Finally letting the /she's not gonna use the word crap!/ worthless /or is she?/ crap /damn/ of my head. Like I was saying - no serious global problems indeed. But I wandered to an emo-blog today, which totally convinced me of unexceptionable niceness of this one of MINE!

The most experimental... in the history of my high! Play the fanfares for....


Even I have problems to remember it, but there's a mnemotechnical help! Oto... um... that'saname, right? Just with a single T. Then Rino, that's just as a Rhino. After all, it means that this doctor with the stupidest specialization name will take care of your nose, too /talking serious here/ .I do not have a hint for the rest, I've never had problems with remembering laryngoligists.

Whatever, what I wanted tosay - what can become of a drummer playing guitar and guitarist playing.. guitar XD , one from a grunge band, other from a punk one, and they both desperately want to play POSITIVE music. or. Kinda positive. But when it comes to my opinion, it could be all over positive. Ahem.
Seems like a reunion with a guitarist from my first band ever, which still lives (the band Park Rock) , but it seems its life could be a bit more lively, I guess. Honestly, I don't care if this is gonna be the worst musical piece of crap I've everheard or made, I really want to enjoy this.

One of these days..

Phew. Can't remember when I survived whole 7 hours at school on thursday. I either skip the whole day or the last two or three hours.. or, like in January, I go and skip the whole week spending it in London. That wasn't bad indeed.

Today I am totally knackered, I've run out of choc, there's nothing to eat around here, that lame yoga lesson at school made me just hurt all over, destroyed my headphones /sure, that expensive ones I got from father this xmas. Sweet/ and started to read Kerouac, which was like an enlightement. NO, I'm not publishing anything until I am able to write like that! It's so ... so beat XD

Nevertheless, I still do have pretty nicey mood, amazing. I've decided not to go to school tommorow, dunno what am I gonna do instead, but curse that, a simple wandering around Prague is a thing I miss a lot.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Pete Doherty quotes

I've just surfed into this Wikiquote Pete Doherty site - and found some kinda nice ones! Worth sharing, I think.

Broken glass. It's just like glitter, isn't it?
  • NME (New Musical Express), November 2005
If I want drugs, I don't have to do a gig to get them. I do a gig when I feel shit, because I need to be playing. There's no drug in the world that can compare with playing music
  • July 2004, the Guardian; when asked about the perception that he staged gigs to get drug money
I fall in love with Britain every day, with bridges, buses, blue skies... but it’s a brutal world, man.
  • Metro, August 25, 2006
It's not people in bands, is it? Why do people who take drugs, why are they in bands? 'Cos they're trying to prove themselves. To make themselves blank and numb and not able to communicate with other people.
  • October 2002, NME (New Musical Express); when asked why people in bands take drugs
No, because it's not like they're the only songs we have. They're like children; you shouldn't really have a favourite. Unless one of your kids develops into a pervert.
  • February 2005, Guitar and Bass, on whether publishing Babyshambles songs online would cause legal problems when they were released on an album.
I’m vain because I’m imperfect.
  • The Sunday Times, May 14, 2006

Best slash pairing ever

No other band pairing provided so many photos putting my imagination on fire. It's like totally any pic of Pete and Carl could be illustration to a great slash story. I've started with one today, planning to finish it, although am not really sure if there's a 100% chance of translating it. I hope I'll keep it short enough to make it translatable during only single one night.
It's gonna be a reunion fic, the rating's not final yet, but let's say I want it at least BIT erotic. But there's more romance than sex. As you can see from the picture I've chosen as a illustration.


Carlos /omg!!/

Let the first day posting frenzy begin! Had a major fight with Al /my bf, not mentioning a quarrel w/ our guitarist came next/ so I have to soothe my mind with few pics of my only beloved Carlito. Excuse it, I know it's immature.

Four times gorgeous.... *nosebleed*

I titled this one "Just can't decide whether I should have a salad or a gin tonic" - duh, just came to my mind. Silliness.

Wish I looked like this when smoking.

This inspires me A LOT. God, I'd love this as my band's promo pics

Hi there. Um.

I knew this day would come and believe me, I am NOT particularly proud of making me /another/ blog. Although I always had some during the last five years of my life, it's still a thing I tend to find childish /as long as you don't post really meaningful stuff, but... not my case, indeed/. A bit. But my bf protested so much I HAD to start this. For some reason, I find doing just the opposite of what he says very pleasant. Just like signing to ... but shhh... he doesn't know.. bwahaha

So. Since I am writing this in english, which is my second language /I mean not so close it would be almost my first. I'm not that good. OK? So be nice to me./ I hope none of my classmates, schoolmates or bandmates are going to read this. Therefore I can post whatever comes to my mind, even if it's total crap, or homoerotic crap or any other type of crap.

Seems like CRAP is today's amazingly overused term.

Shine on, lads'n'lasses