Friday, February 16, 2007

Spring break!

Oooh today was my last day at school before the spring break... what a relief...

Anyway... I don't really have anything to write about in this not very meaningful post.

Maxim is the most hilarious mag around here.

World according to Garp is a shitty movie. Go read the book.

Why is every girly magazine filled with PETE DOHERTY? He's just EVERYWHERE. Pete here, Pete there, oh look at him, he dates Kate Moss and does cocaine, so cool. Although I have to admit both Pete and Kate've become much more pleasant in my view since I've started listening to the Libertines. so basically, I would have no prob with Pete. My problem is they never show any pics of CARL. suckers.

I want a telecaster. Oh I know I've always said they're awful. I am probably just a manipulated teenager. Telecasters are so alternative yet so classic!

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Pan Šílený said...

sakra, to je diskriminace. doufam, že se s petem udáví XD