Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It's that weird mood.

You know - when you crave for romance, not exactly hollywood story romance, but at least some kind of independent movie weirdo love.

This used to be so easy. I went out with someone and pretended it is like that. Now that I know dating with someone just for his looks or brains or whatever, but not for the actual compatibility with me, is terribly wrong, I tend to lose hope. Does someone who is at least a bit like me exist out there? And if he does, would he care a bit bout me?

Eew, this sounds even more disgusting than the fact it is speaking of is.

I am kind of a lone wolf, and if I was just let that way, I could probably be perfectly content, but since I have to go to school, listen to my mates babbling all day about their own personal life, who's dating who, who hates who, it obviously makes me a bit schizophreniac. aaaall riight.

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Trepp said...

...a ta slova jak rány kladiva dál zatloukala hřeby do křížů dospívajících...