Monday, February 12, 2007

This is starting to be really improper..!!

Not going to school today and staring at pics of Carl and Julian instead is starting to return me into that good old days when I wrote 70 pages of awful LOTR fanfiction where I dated Craig Parker, while my friend Soc banged w/ Viggo Mortensen, eventually marrying him. In the end even July had some minor love affair with Karl Urban.
Some year or two later, July herself /the ORLs guitarist/ wrote a great fic bout Queen, me with Roger, she with Brian, my fav part was when I had sex with Brian during their Japanese tour. Eeeew, i know, a total Eeeew.

Today my blurry vision finally got the sharp edges. It comes like this:

I, a niece of Matt Bellamy of Muse, which is not important, come to live in London with this part of my family. On some high music society party I meet Julian Casablancas - we talk and drink, we find out we have lot in common. We become great friends, but nothing more - it works out perfectly. Until he introduces me to Carl Barat. I end up in Carl's bed the very night and start to date him. Julian basically stops talking to me, except sometimes we hang out to have a drink. While getting home from a party, me and Carl, we stop at the Primrose hill in London and he proposes to me. At first I don't believe him and call him liar, but then I say Yesss .D /oooh, I'll go to hell for this clichés/
When Jules gets to know this, he locks himself in his New york flat and doesn't come out for days. So I marry Carl, though knowing my best pal Jules' not there spoils my mood. Some time later his bandmates call me that he's in the hospital, for he totally wasted himself so they had to put him there for some time. When I visit him, he tells me all the history - how he wished we could be more than friends from the very start.
We start to talk again after he's back into normal life, though it's a bit awkward. Continuously we become pals for the second time, especially when Carl's too busy and I have free time - we party together, drink together, stuff.. One night Carl comes home drunk and kicks Jules out, shouting at me in a stroke of jealousy, we cry at each other, throwing things and in the end he even uses some violence on me, for I say some not really very nice stuff, ahem. I get nothing broken, but I am bruised all over my body, some bloody places too. I leave all my stuff at his place and take a cab to Jules' London flat, of which I do have keys for some time already. I get in and after finding out noones' around I lay down on the sofa. He gets home and leaves the lights off, so he doesn't realize someone's at his home. When he does, he just finds me sleeping, takes me in his arms and carries me into the bedroom. There he lies down next to me, stroking my hair and cleaning the blood off of my face gently. He's worried, a LOT. When I wake up, we give each other a long, tight hug. After looking into his eyes, I kiss him, then more. He tries to put up the strap of my top, but I tell him to let it like that. He slowly unbuttons the top..

Hey you know the only way this could continue in my cliché-ish mind. Eew. It actually doesn't have a real end already. I'll inform you. Later.

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