Thursday, February 8, 2007

And she played all night...

till she played her fingertips away.

learnt some eight chords of Don't Look Back into the Sun, it sucks, but since it's my first REAL attempt to start play guitar, I am kinda excited. Even if the whole thing with The ORLs doesn't work out, I'd love to know at least basics. Maybe I could become a singer-songwriter later in my life and be adored by indie people all over the world. Sure, I am gonna be less appreciated than Cathack's creations /you don't know him yet, but I bet you will one day!/, but I am also going to be more popular /and rich, maybe, too. Welcome, NME award!!/.

This is fun. This is just the reason why I made all this up. Finally letting the /she's not gonna use the word crap!/ worthless /or is she?/ crap /damn/ of my head. Like I was saying - no serious global problems indeed. But I wandered to an emo-blog today, which totally convinced me of unexceptionable niceness of this one of MINE!

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