Friday, February 9, 2007

Weird pairings indeed

I was wondering what would happen if I stopped writing slash 'bout ubercool indie/classic rockers and took some ordinary ppl who live their everyday lives around me instead. I mean, some of them -well, most of them- are musicians, too, so such a freakish homoerotic story would suit them perfectly, I bet!

Fifth/PrAndy - lol, despite the fact PrAndy is almost a head higher than Fifth, he would surely be uke, or the western way, the submissive one. They are both guitarist, so a picture of the two of them alone in the rehearsal room at our school is pretty adequate.

Mik/Al - well, have to say that Mik is a hard nut to crack when it comes to slash, and not just because he would break my nose if I wrote one single sentence of such a literary jewel. It's generally a drummer/lameguitarist pairing, which, in real life, is always the most passionate and somehow fatal. It would start with both sided abomination, followed by finding out their real selves. Aaaah.

Adam Benda/Kolombo - two schoolmates, both the same age as me, kinda outstanding, have to tell you I like them both although I actually know nothing about Kolombo, really. He looks like a metalist. So he could be a musician, lot of people who look you can exactly say what is their music taste like are! U know all these slash stories beginning with the two being great friends... and one or both of them feeling something stronger .D Oh what a classical cliché would this be.

Firenz/Csabba - oh hell yes, I couldn't let my only bandmates (guitar/bass) out of this. Adam /Firenz/ seduces any male in his reach anyway. And Csabba is sooo lonely and desperate right now. This pairing would solve many many things if it was real .D

Me/that mysterious guy - so what, many people say I am more like a guy in a girl's body. And this one really fits more into a slash story than some general heterosexual fic. He's so girly yet still SO indie! Damn. I know. He's just a little Al.

Cathack/Robin- duh, just ANY pairing made among the guys from Ufajr would please my heart. Just look at the drummer Vláďa and bassist Kony, aaaw. /this means these two are a pianist/guitarist pair/. Cathack pops up at Robin's Dejvice flat and tries to look that his only reason was to discuss some new songs, but because he's such a /his words/ broken man machine, he can't stand the pressure and eventually tells him how long he has been his muse. Robin gives him that shy look and is little bit embarassed, but Cathack always gets what he wants! *devilish laugh* This wouldn't be a PG slash.

God. I am such a freak.

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