Thursday, February 8, 2007

One of these days..

Phew. Can't remember when I survived whole 7 hours at school on thursday. I either skip the whole day or the last two or three hours.. or, like in January, I go and skip the whole week spending it in London. That wasn't bad indeed.

Today I am totally knackered, I've run out of choc, there's nothing to eat around here, that lame yoga lesson at school made me just hurt all over, destroyed my headphones /sure, that expensive ones I got from father this xmas. Sweet/ and started to read Kerouac, which was like an enlightement. NO, I'm not publishing anything until I am able to write like that! It's so ... so beat XD

Nevertheless, I still do have pretty nicey mood, amazing. I've decided not to go to school tommorow, dunno what am I gonna do instead, but curse that, a simple wandering around Prague is a thing I miss a lot.

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