Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Hi there. Um.

I knew this day would come and believe me, I am NOT particularly proud of making me /another/ blog. Although I always had some during the last five years of my life, it's still a thing I tend to find childish /as long as you don't post really meaningful stuff, but... not my case, indeed/. A bit. But my bf protested so much I HAD to start this. For some reason, I find doing just the opposite of what he says very pleasant. Just like signing to ... but shhh... he doesn't know.. bwahaha

So. Since I am writing this in english, which is my second language /I mean not so close it would be almost my first. I'm not that good. OK? So be nice to me./ I hope none of my classmates, schoolmates or bandmates are going to read this. Therefore I can post whatever comes to my mind, even if it's total crap, or homoerotic crap or any other type of crap.

Seems like CRAP is today's amazingly overused term.

Shine on, lads'n'lasses

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